Getting my Trienekens garbage bin replaced for free

If you live in Kuching, Padawan and Serian, it’s likely that your garbage is collected by Trienekens.

The company not only collects our garbage, but also supplies a rubbish/garbage bin to all household which it services.

After years, the garbage bin tends to crack due to wear and tear, and that’s when it needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, many do not know that you can replace the Trienekens garbage bin for free.

I got my bin replaced recently, so here’s what happened.


First, I had to download the Trieneken app.

The app can be downloaded from both the Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple) for free.

Once the app has been downloaded, I open the app and selected DAMAGED OR LOST BINS as you can see below.

Trienekens garbage bin

I was brought to to a new page in which I need to choose between seeking a replacement for a damaged bin, or ordering a new bin for a lost bin.

I choose DAMAGED BIN because I wanted to replace my broken garbage bin.  Do note that each request will determine what needs to be done next.

For replacement of damaged bins like mine, I had to upload a photo of my Identification Card (MyKad), and utility bill upon making my request.  I also need to upload a photo of my damaged bin.

Based on the terms listed below the options, replacement of the bin itself is free.

For lost bins, a police report is required, and an administrative fee of RM50 will be imposed by the company.  You will then need to upload a photo of your Identification Card (MyKad), police report and a photo of your utility bill.

To get the new bin, I was given the option to pay  RM15 for delivery, or self collect it from Trienekens headquarters in Sungai Tapang.

The map of the facility is seen below.

Trienekens garbage bin

I was told that if you don’t want to use the app, you can bring your old bin the facility to swap it for the new bin for free.  The same goes for lost bins, you could go there to purchase/request a new one.  Lost bins will incur charges.

I think there’s a need to also bring in your utility bill as well for this process. I am not sure because I did mine online via the app.


Since I opted for the delivery of my replacement bin, I had to take extra steps to schedule its delivery.

The delivery of the garbage bins took less than two weeks after my report, and it was arranged via email.

You see, after I submitted my request for a new bin, someone from the company contacted me to further help me process my application.

It was then did I make a RM15 payment for the delivery of the garbage bin.  They payment was made to Trieneken’s account.  I had to submit proof of payment to the officer via email.

Within a week after payment was made, the garbage bin was sent to my house.

Trienekens garbage bin

The person delivering the new garbage bin even called upon arrival, and followed my instructions to leave it in my house compound as no one was home.

My CCTV recordings showed that my old bin was taken away by the same guy.


I hope what I’ve shared here helps if you are seeking to replace your Trienekens garbage bin.

I note that the garbage bin isn’t cheap, hence getting it for free from Trienekens is really helpful.

Good luck in trying!

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