Go Bald On Teacher’s Day


I may be the last person to post about Go Bald which occurred in the Spring last week, but I’ve been very busy jumbling between work and life.

As Fahriee may put it, The Go Bald campaign this year is a huge success with over 400 shaving up their head for Cancer Awareness.  Did I shave? Err… Look below (Photo by Desmond):

Truth to be told, I can’t because I was advised by at least 3 different parties not too.  Ya, I know, despite the good intentions of the campaign, going bald is not something my day job approves (esspecially when you are young and still ‘hairy’), at least morally.  I’ve been into enough disciplinary shit at work, so at the very least, I could adhere to this warning although deep down, I wish I could go bald and save myself on hair cut money.  Well, say what you want, I believe that Sarawak Bloggers did an awesome job in promoting the campaign online, although the community wasn’t endorsed by the Go Bald organizing committee formally.

16 May was also Teachers day. After 3 years celebrating Teacher’s Day, I already feel ‘tired’ of it.  Not that the day shouldn’t be held, but I believe I speak for thousands of other teachers which just want a day off from work.  Yeah, they want a day without having to attend compulsory ‘gatherings’.  After all, what’s the point of having teachers day if the teachers are ill treated daily by students and… ?

Maybe the Minister of Education did announce perks for teachers, but the feedback I got was kind of negative with more teachers citing the incentives as a good motivation for teachers ‘above’ to push for more ridiculous work to be done, and add in more paperwork.  Don’t take my word for it, but do a proper survey. I’m just writing what I hear.

As a matter of fact, I received a few SMSes on teachers day from fellow colleagues which writes..

Dulu, murid hormat dan takut guru, kini..Guru takut murid.
Dulu, Guru ‘chalk and talk’. Kini, Guru kena ‘slow talk’.
Dulu, Guru boleh ‘claim’.  Kini, Guru tak boleh ‘complain’.
Dulu, Hari Guru dapat wang saku.  Kini.. Hari Guru dapat ‘penyapu’…
Kena buat Gotong Royong.

I bet, you’d know how cynical that SMS sounds 😛

Anyway, Teachers Day is always the day for me to collect mugs. I don’t know what is it with teachers day and cups/mugs.. but I get a variety of them every year.  Not that I’m not grateful, but I’m just stating the obvious.  This year, I got about 6 mugs, and a candy tray. To my students whom took the trouble to give me these gifts, thank you 🙂  To those whom wished me “Happy Teacher’s Day”.. . Thank  You! To those whom didn’t bother… Well, Thank You also… No hard feelings I assure you.

To all my past teachers, lecturers and those whom have thought me… I’d like to wish you a happy teachers day, and thank you for all you have taught me.  Indeed, without your guidance, I’ll never go this far in life, and be whom I am today.


  1. Carol:
    Guess can’t run away from working on Saturday 🙁

    No prob bro..and the incentives are also not for me, which is ‘small fish’ in a big pan.

    Thanks for the wish bro. Hopefully, something can be materialized next year 🙂 Looking forward to the campaign again. See you around to dude

  2. Hi Cyril,

    A belated happy teachers’ day to you.

    On behalf of the gobald 2010 team, I’d like to thank you and the sarawak bloggers for all your support this time round. God bless you all.

    As for going bald, well, we have started talks with the education department and have actually received endorsements for students to go bald so we will get them to further endorse and empower go bald 2011 so that all students and teachers alike who’d like to lend their support to the cause can do so without any harassments. 🙂

    C u around dude.

  3. Hello Cyril,

    Duty called. I had to be back in kampung on 16. But I’m glad that the campaign went well.

    The incentives are definitely not for me as a new teacher in school. Hahhaa

  4. we complained about the gotong royong perdana held in conjunction with teacher’s day. it was cancelled (at our school) but our head had us nailed to come for the PTA meeting this coming saturday. oh well…

    happy teacher’s day to you too cyril!

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