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A good renovation contractor in Kuching is usually difficult to come by because it seems almost anybody can become a contractor, only to have you fork out so much, for shoddy workmanship.

Anyway, it’s really no secret that I have been working on the renovation works fro my new house. The kitchen of my new house, which is open, had to be closed, and merely putting up glass doors isn’t a long term solution as the kitchen was still vulnerable towards thieves.

A good renovation contractor: The 5th kitchen plans. Any comments?
The 5th kitchen plans. Any comments?

With that said, I decided to build a proper wet kitchen, and an open space for family gatherings. I quickly drew up a plan as you can see in this previous post.

A good renovation contractor: House internal kitchen, design and new
The left is the design I made using a computer. The right is photos of the completed kitchen extension.

After searching for a good renovation contractor in Kuching willing to take up the job, I finally decided to go with a friend. He is a Bidayuh, and people from his village is known for their fine works in construction. After a brief discussion, we agreed to proceed on the ground works, and I accepted his initial quote of RM29,000 until everything is completed. I mean if I was to call him a good renovation contractor, the price must be agreed upon any work, right?

The figure seems steep for some, but he assured me that he built things to last, and that the extension of my house will be done with care. I am also quite a believer that most of the times quality does not come at cheap prices because a good renovation contractor in Kuching will tell you the real cost, and not hide cost to show otherwise.

A good renovation contractor: House external ground works
Earth works underway

Anyway, work started immediately on 4 March 2013 with three local workers from Bau asked to do the ground works. The ground works took about two days as my backyard was filled with stone. Apparently the main contractor for the housing project dumped all the excess materials at my backyard. *Sigh*

As days went by, these three workers worked hard to complete the extension, and I paid them a daily visit to check on the progress. One thing interesting was the fact they took extra care when they were constructing the new kitchen extension. The care they took to ensure the works were done with great precision pleased me. At some point I also noticed they were very tactful when having to negotiate the original house, and ensured no damage came to the original structure. They also constantly kept the house area clean, tiding up after every days work.

A good renovation contractor: House external without plaster
Bricks starting to be laid in place

After 13 days of work, the kitchen had already taken shape and even without paint, the extension looked good. At 20 days, the roof was already up, and the extension looked beyond perfect, despite being unfinished and unpainted. I would say that this contractor was looking very much like a good renovation contractor.

Work progressed even further with tiling works starting. I took the advice of my friend to use acrylic for the kitchen cabinet doors, and took the advice of the ‘uncle’ to use a black kitchen table top.

A good renovation contractor: House external without paint
The house extension without paint

Turned out that their advice was good because after 43 days of construction, the extension was completed, and it was indeed pleasing to see how the whole project turn out at the end.

Apart from that, I also left it to them (the uncles and my friend) to advice on the drainage system, the  type of roof, the type of windows and the piping works.  Turned out that using the pre-mixed cement blocks you normally see being used in building works is not good.  Here they cemented the drain manually, and so far, no water stays in the drain after rain, keeping it dry.  The roof is not the thickest of material, but as my friend said, you can play tennis up there.

The windows were changed from my initial plan to use swing type windows to ‘sliding windows’ because they claim it saves space.  The cement floor also consist of at least of 4 inch of concrete mix, which to me is quite thick.

A good renovation contractor: House internal
The completed kitchen on the 43rd day of construction

The total damage however had increased to RM35,000 but then, I was indeed satisfied with the works and would easily call them a good renovation contractor in Kuching.

They also accommodated my request to make the house extension look similar to the original portion of the house. There was little to complain about, and it was obvious that the material used is not cheap.

a good renovation contractor in Kuching
The external view of the new extension.

Uhhhh.. isn’t it a beauty? Can’t wait to use it for my house warming, and that my friends is a tale about a good renovation contractor I had.

The day-to-day renovation photos can be seen here.

If you want the number of this good renovation contractor, leave a message on my Facebook page.


  1. Hello! Like many others, while searching for renovation contractors, I found your blog entry with great reviews on the contractor. Would greatly appreciate it if you could email me his contacts. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi! Found your blog when looking for renovation articles on Google. Could you please share the contact of your contractor to my email? Thanks!

  3. I assume that the work done in 2013 is still holding up after all these years. Looked good then. Any pix to show how the work done fare all these years? My son plans to do renovation of his house later this year, 2021. Grateful if you can share the contractor’s contact number to pass to him?

  4. Hi Cyril,
    Just read your blog today. Very nice kitchen with great job. Would like you to share the Bidayuh contractor contact number. Thank you very much.

  5. Hi Cyril,

    I accidentally came across your blog today and it is amazing how your 2013 posting still gets attention…hahahaha…Hence, may I have the Bidayuh contractor contact details please? I have been thinking of doing some reno too. 🙂



  6. Hello Cyril, appreciate if you can share the Contractor’s contact with me, though it has been 7 years since he did the renovation works for you. Thanks for all your helpful blog posts btw!

  7. Hi Cyril, i am thinking of renovating my house. Please share the contractor contact with me as well. Thank you in advance.

  8. Hi,

    I saw your blog recently. can I have the contractor contact number? my number is at 016XXXX. my email address is at alchukXXXXt@yahoo.com

    Btw, are they really good. I had bad experience with few contractors before. is the price reasonable?

    Thank you.


  9. Dear Cyril,

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for a trustworthy contractor for my kitchen reno works as well. After a bad experience with our contractor on our toilets a few months back I still have nightmares but my kitchen really needs work. Can you please email me this contractor’s name and number?


    • Hi Sophia, Im very sorry to hear of your experience. I’ve emailed you my contractors email. Hopefully he can help. Good luck!

  10. Hi Cyril, thanks for writing up an article on your home renovation project. Are you able to share the email and contact number of the contractor? I am thinking of getting a good contractor who can knock down a wall to open up a kitchen area. I have heard quite many renovation cases ended horribly wrong with major crack or damages. It’ s quite a relief to read a good project like yours. Thank you.

    • Hi Angela,
      I’ve emailed you his number. Do bear in mind that mine is okay but the cost is higher than usual… Quality does come at a price. Anyway, all the best in your coming renovations. cheers!

  11. Aloo cyril….pm me the contractor num….im bidayuh bau too and i need to find the ctor for my house renovation

  12. Hi bro can email me also? Haha. Ur thw only one in kucbing to ever write a review on contractor. So everybody looking for ur contractor.

  13. I was scammed by malay contrctor. Now i need a reliable contractor to finish his loussy work. Your ctrtor seemed have done good job. Can refer to me?

  14. Hallo Cyril, can you give me the contractor contact number. Love the way they renovated your house. I do need contractor for kitchen extension. Tq

  15. Hi Cyril,
    Do you mind email me the contact number as well. Looking to do some renovation work to my house as well.

  16. Hai, Im from Kuching, is the contractor also from Kuching. Pls send me the contact no for this contractor. i want to do my house renovate also.

  17. Hi Cyril
    thanks for the detailed progress of the conractor’s work. A lot of info.
    Pretty impressive work too by the contractor.
    Do you mind sharing the contractor’s contact details with me?

  18. hi Cyril, nice extension!

    could you give me the contact of your contractor? If you happen to have other contractors worth recommending, pls do send me their numbers too. cheers.

    • Hi Cindie.

      Thank you for the compliment. Im enjoying it after a year now. So far no problems. Ive forwarded you the number via email you filled in the comment form. Do check.

  19. Hello! Could you please forward me the number of the contractor as I’m looking for a contractor to do my roofing. Thanks so much

  20. Hi Cyril. Nice extension indeed and surely not easy to find good contractor these days. Would appreciate if you could share his contacts. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

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  22. Hi Cyril. Nice house renovation. Can you email me the contact no of the bidayuh contractor. I’m plan to do my house extension soon. Tks ya.

  23. Hi Cyril. I accidentally found your blog and your kitchen extension caught my eyes. I’m currently looking for a contractor to do some wet kitchen extension too. Would u please, if u dont mind to give me the contractor contact number? Thanks alot.

  24. Alo En.Cyril. Cantik & kemas hasil kerja tgn kontraktor bidayuh ni. Kalau x keberatan boleh x bg nama & no tepon uncle ni? Saya pun nk renovate rumah jgk ni. Tgh bcari kontraktor & survei reasonable quotation. Hehe…trima kasih yoh!

  25. Hi Cyril, i would like to have the contact details of the contractor as well. thanks and nice house btw. I plan to build a house from scratch.

  26. Hello,
    very nicely done renovation. Can you email me your contractor contact ,I am looking for contractor for my roofing and backyard/kitchen area too. thanks !
    nice house..

  27. Hi Cyril,
    Do you mind email me the contact number as well. Looking to do some renovation work to my house as well.

  28. Hi, I’d like to have the contractor’s contact number. His works seem to be in good quality! Im looking for a contractor at the moment. Thanks!

  29. Hi cyril..nice extention.. is d 35k plus d kitchen kabinet.. im gonna do a little bit of renovation.. may i hv d contact no of ur contractor..

  30. Hi Cyril, nice renovation job indeed. Do you mind emailling me the contact number as well. Looking to do some renovation work to my house as well. Gate , roofing and toilets. A million thanks.

  31. Nice house. Do you mind to pass the contact and name of the Bidayuh contractor? I am currently looking for a contractor to renovate my house too.

  32. congratulations! big kitchen area is ecerybody’s dream and u r living it.. post many2 pics of housewarming party ah..


  33. Woooaaahhh… nice extension. the price increased by 6k ah?? but as long as you feel good bout the work, i think it’s worth to pay additional for the good material and work done 🙂

  34. Woooaaahhh… nice extension. the price increased by 6k ah?? but as long as you feel good bout the work, i think it’s worth to pay additional for the good material and work done 🙂

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