Got the Sarawak FA 2012 Away Kit!


My interest in the Sarawak football team has grown after watching the team play with Kuala Lumpur in the state stadium last Tuesday.

Today, I got myself the away kit for Sarawak as seen in the photo below.

Decided to go with the one with the main sponsor displayed, a I already have the home kit which is without it. I know, some may say “Gawd, NAIM? Why should I get a jersey with NAIM?”, but what if NAIM were to sponsor some huge club in the EPL or the ? Would you say the same?

Honestly, I figure it’s good enough that NAIM decided to step up to actually sponsor the team, when everyone else just stayed away and can’t even afford to sponsor the team by watching them play!

Also got myself my tickets for next week’s match at RM10.

I know they are no Man U or Barca, but this is the only team which breaks my heart every time they loose a game.


  1. Hi, I was wondering how much the jersey with “NAIM” on it costs? I already have the home jersey (without the sponsor’s name on it).


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