Hari Guru: A decade as a teacher


This is like my tenth year as a teacher? Time flies. Damn. Never knew I’d be a teacher, and spending close to a decade as one is really something on a personal level.

Well, ever since I’ve been in this profession, I’ve been asked to teach numerous subjects, ranging from Mathematics, History, Geography, PJK, ICT and so on, but I must admit that teaching Biology was the most fun simply because it was relaxed, and easy to connect with life.  I did however dread the exam paper marking, as well as the constant paper work before SPM which came with the subject.

Hence, when I was given a chance to return to my real option in teaching some four years back, I jumped onto the opportunity without much hesitation.

My real option in the teaching line is technical education, and it has less paperwork and has less hassle than Biology, as it only involves a small class, with a very direct hands on approach.

However, teaching technical education does not come easy for now as the subject is still new and facilities are generally limited.  This is when we tend to get creative on how to teach the subject, which in most cases also involve ensuring the students keeping themselves disciplined.

Nonetheless, as all teachers in Malaysia do, we go with the flow and do our best to ensure the students don’t miss out, and do end up learning something at the end of the day.

Anyway, after a decade in the service, I’m not aiming to be any huge big shot in the service, and I have no intention to further myself to be anyone of position in the service.

Call it being comfortable of complacent, but for me, there’s more to life than scaling the hierarchy in the service, especially since by doing so, I’d have to sacrifice my sweet school holidays.

Well, since this is a work related post, and I don’t intend to say much more about work, I’ll stop right here. You can’t talk to much about the gomen service when you are in it bah…

Still can’t believe it’s been ten years since I joined the service.

Yet, it felt like I just started working yesterday.






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