Hoping for a faster recovery

That greenish tube was to supply oxygen to Carissa

It’s been close to a week since Carissa Dhea was born, and sadly, she is still very much hospitalized. Her condition is improving with her now finishing up her antibiotics, feeding well and the IV drips going plugged into her have been removed.

This cute little angel of mine however is still not able to get 100% or above 95% oxygen levels in her blood, and still needs some help with her breathing. This is done by supplying oxygen to her nose, although the amount has been decreased from 2.0 to o.5 now (not sure what’s the measurement, but I think it’s ml).

Her oxygen level in the blood tends to drop when she cries and feeds, which is a bit concerning to me, although the nurses do seem to say that it is normal for infants to have such levels.

It is indeed difficult to visit her in the hospital every day because there’s always this urge wanting to carry her home, where she belongs. Staring at her for just a couple of hours a day is just not enough, and it still kills me to know that she has to spend the first few days of her life in a bassinet in the hospital with wires and tubes linked to her small hands.

Nonetheless, I do believe that she is getting the best care, and I know that patience is key to bringing her back healthy and well. The last thing I want is to have her suffer or have some major health problem when she is at home, so I’ll wade off that sad feeling for a couple more days just so that she is fully recovered. Boy this ‘dad thing’ is really getting me.

The harder part is looking at what my wife is going through. She seems torn about having to leave dear Carissa in the hospital, and it seems to get harder everytime we visit her, and have to leave. To make matters worst, I really can’t do or say much to comfort her, especially knowing she also realizes that other babies come and go, but dear Carissa is still there, sometimes alone without the company of her peers whom had gone home.  It is hard and I wish I could do more.

Dr Alex, our pediatrician has promised Carissa would be home before Christmas, but I do hope she gets stronger and would be able to get home sooner than that, perhaps on her mom’s birthday, which is this Monday.

Aside from that, my world continues to revolve much on getting Carissa healthy, and helping my wife in any way I can, through this difficult period.

The rest of the things, can wait for a later date.

Keep praying for my little girl, and thank you for sparing time to read this post =)

P/s: This post is not meant to ask for sympathy, but more towards updating you on what’s going on in my life. It is after all my personal blog.


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