Hysteria In School


I was kind of reluctant to blog about this since I believe it’s nothing significant, but it’s been 5 days… and it’s still going on in my work place.

As a Christian, I trust in God, The Lord and Saviour… and I believe He protects us in every way possible.  After all, according to Christian teachings, God sacrificed his only Son for the sake of saving man kind.

Which brings me to one question, “if you trust in God, why are you afraid of other beings?”

It started last Friday, and we all thought it will be over on Monday, despite 3 more cases on Saturday replacement class. Monday was a quiet day but Tuesday came with over 20 being displaying hysterical behavior.  Some were just upset about what was going on, and started to faint.  The situation was so bad that the boss decided that the students needed to be discharged earlier than expected.

I had a quick chat with some colleagues and students, and the story was generally that they saw ‘something’.  Yes, ‘something’, which could be anything to me.  As someone really into science and explanations, I find it rather difficult to believe there is really ‘something’ they saw. In my belief, it could have been a shadow or anything explainable to be accurate.  Nothing ‘spirit’ related.  I know, I’d be Agent Scully without boobs if this was an X-Files episode.

It’s not that I am denying the fact that spirits move around us, it’s just that I feel that one should not be afraid when encountering such things, and there is no reason to be too alarmed to the extend of being all hysterical, and hence making a big issue out of it.  In fact I am a little annoyed that some would go to the extend of exaggerating about the actual situation such as claiming that certain locations are  ‘extremely cold’, or that they have seen things flying here and there, or simply implying that mysterious things which are actually logical to be rampant.  By any means, those people are only making the situation worst!

I wish these people could say they have met Casper… but I doubt they even know about Casper, the cute ghost.

Well, tomorrow is yet another day at work, and I believe attendance will be low.  I wonder what will happen next. It’s going to be an exciting week.  Until then, lets all indulge in this wonderful picture I found over the internet …hehehe..


  1. BengBeng:
    Actually, I agree with you on that point. I mean about it being all due to stress 🙂

    Hahaha… I have no idea la. Macam2 jak dorang ni.

    its up to u to judge if its scary.

  2. i was asked before if what i c is real or imagined. i replied i prefer to think of em as imagined. Cyril, they r real n i am no kooky but often in a school situation hysteria arises mainly due to stress n we blame the spirit world instead

  3. The pics spooked me. The comments spooked me too! Perhaps I’m just starting to imagine things…and I should start doing something else…karaoke anyone?

  4. Cyril,
    I was not disagreeing, but merely pointing out a plausible possibility. Nonetheless, I do not have enough facts/pieces of information to put together to know what really happened. Hence I cannot make any conclusions, but only to highlight some thoughts.
    However, similar things have happened in my school before (primary school, SRK Song Kheng Hai) when I was in Primary 2, during the “perhimpunan”, 2 students fainted simultaneously at very different location on where they stood, and they both claimed to have seen some figures sitting on the roof of the school building. The part that spooked everyone was that both students did not even know each other. One of the appeared to be my close friend.
    Whatever it was, I was there and I did not see it. But lets just keep the possibilities open, but at the same time, strengthen our trust and faith in our Lord.

  5. Hivihazan:
    Good! hahaha…

    Suprisingly after the boss gave a warning about ‘there will be no holidays, and maybe we have to replace class’, things went back to normal.

    Reading your comments kind of made me wonder if you are disagreeing with what I wrote or the other way around. LOL.. I’m no language expert and I am not religious either, so I’d appreciate explanation over materials which I write on religion which are wrong anytime 🙂

    Yes, as I know of.. Christians do believe on it. Its just that for myself, I prefer to look at everything in more detail before jumping to unnecessary conclusions about whether its ‘demon related’. And regarding the photo… well, the director should chose a better ghost. I agree 🙂

    Don’t want to overly publish the situation..hehehe..

    Yes. Exactly. Good control of emotion is vital in avoiding the unnecessary hysterical behavior.

  6. I went to a boarding school and had a fair share or ‘ghostly’ encounter…some were pretty scary i.e scratching pontianak, encountered an incubus, switches on/off by itself, crying babies etc. I could ended up getting hysteric if I wanted to but I always believe hysteria is often caused by extreme emotion, which I never gave in to. Do not exaggerate the experience and do control your emotion, it does help tremendously.

  7. The last picture?

    I think the ghst is too pretty to be a ghost, looking at its nice body shape and boobs even though she’s lying down. hahaha! just kidding! The director must find ugly ghost la…

  8. Oh gee…Cyril,

    i hope things will get better soon. I believe in mystic and the other world. I think Christian believes in the existence of the devils right? Let us just pray that things will get soon yeah?

  9. If you indeed are a Christian, you would believe the Bible whole-heartedly. In the Bible, demons (Satan and his dark angels) do exist.
    We are taught not to fear Demons, which would give them power. However, we cannot acknowledge the fact that they are everywhere. Even Jesus was tempted by the demon himself during His 40 days of fasting. If a demon can appear and speak to Jesus directly, that also means the very same thing can happen to us !!
    But you were right in your opening of your passage in this entry. God will protect us, His children.

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