Intense, Extreme and Prime

Robotics training started yesterday. I decided to name all the teams myself instead of asking my students to name their own team due to identification sake. This year, the senior teams would be known as MJROBOTICS EXTREME and MJROBOTICS PRIME, while the junior team would be known as MJROBOTICS INTENSE.


My students doing robotics training

The topic of the year would be ‘Robot that helps humans‘, and although it does sound easy, making a unique project which would actually work out of LEGO sets is no small task.


Doing the programming of the LEGO sets

As the teacher in charge, I’m looking forward to yet another trip to Bintulu for the Sarawak state level competition, but I do hope they would shift it to Miri. Haven’t been there except for it’s airport, and I’d love to step my foot finally around the ‘Oil City’ of Malaysia.

This years aim; To beat SMT Sejingkat, our closest rival in the Sarawak National Robotics Competition. =P We beat them in 2009, and it’s about time we did it again.

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