Interviewed by Telum Media

Telum Media
Telum Media

A short time ago, I was asked by Telum Media to be interviewed. Honestly, I didn’t expect this, but the questions posed were nonetheless interesting.

Before I share the interview, which was featured in their monthly newsletter, please note that Telum Media is an registered company in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney which was founded in 2013 by former journalism & PR professionals who saw the need for a comprehensive media database in Asia.

Anyway, I actually questioned why they wanted to feature me in their newsletter considering I am not doing this blogging thing full time, but after contemplating, I agreed to it because I saw it as an opportunity to highlight bloggers in Sarawak, as well as their challengers.

Anyway, without wasting your time, the interview can be seen below.

Telum Media interview 16 Jan
Telum Media interview 16 Jan

Interestingly, I was then contacted again by Telum Media after the interview was published, and a coffee session with a couple of the good people from Telum Media has been scheduled in the coming weeks, so that’s going to be interesting.


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