Is it a Boy or Girl?

Probably the biggest and most common question I get when someone knows my wife is expecting is whether it’s a boy or girl, and with the nine months almost up, the moment of truth is just around the corner.

I’ll break it to you that I do not know what’s the gender of my coming child, but my wife and I have both figured out good names for both genders with me personally loving both names we’ve picked up. Choosing the name was not that hard because somehow, we just came up with name we liked.

Here’s a hint on the names, it’s traditional, so do not go on expecting something like Ronaldo, Pete Sampras, Leonardo, Chandler etc. It’s traditional, and easy to say. More on the name when the baby sees the world =)

'Experts' say its a 'he', but time will tell.
‘Experts’ say its a ‘he’, but time will tell.

The ‘expert prediction’ which has been going around says ‘it’s’ a boy, but it was interesting when our gynae, Dr Alvince Dev, just last weekend, slipped and said ‘she’ was very active. He was however quick to note that he needs to refer to the baby as either a ‘he’ or ‘she’.

Regardless, a few weeks back, the same gynae also referred to the baby as ‘he’, so that pretty much justifies his argument, and hence making his reasoning valid, although I am quite convinced he slipped the secret out because he seemed to had hesitated when we confronted him about him addressing the baby as a ‘she’ .

The good news is that the baby, now at 36 weeks, is in perfect condition says Dr Alvince, and should be on scheduled.

The baby crib and baby cot just arrived today.
The baby crib and baby cot just arrived today.

The bad news is that the mom and dad of this baby, although excited first time parents, are still very much in disbelief that they would soon become parents.

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