It’s 98.4%


SPM results were released today, and I was as excited as the candidates.  Had goose bumps into the morning, and even prepared a possible reason to give to the boss shall the results do not meet expectation her expectations. I’ve been with these teenagers for two years, and it does worry me that some of them might fail.

In addition to that , I have a Degree in Technical and Vocational Education (Electrical Engineering) – Not saying this to boast,  and I am asked to educate these students in Form 4 and Form 5 Biology, using my mediocre 4B Biology grades I obtained in my SPM.

If you can’t see my point, let me re-stress it in this phrase: Technical educated teacher which was trained and educatd about physics, chemistry, mechanics, wiring, electrical stuff and I am asked to teach BIOLOGY.”  If my point isn’t obvious enough for you, I give up explaining. There’s only so much explaining I can do on my blog 😛

Anyway, it was a glad surprise to know at 9:30am that out of my 70 students taking Biology, only 1 failed with the others scoring way above their school exams.  Their trail exam was a horrific scene with less than 10 passing the exam, and those whom passed weren’t impressive, result wise.

So, you could try to sue me today for being so jolly because it’s a freaking 98.4% pass for both my Biology classes, and to make it sweeter, the only Science class I am teaching which is also the class I’d least expect to produce results, did amazingly well with only one failure, while the others passed with a minimal ‘E’.

Regardless of that, a small part of me does feel a wee bit of disappointment because none of my students managed to get an ‘A+’ for Biology, but that’s just a minor issue as the most important thing is that they have tried their best to get the results they want.  I met most of them today, and they seemed to be delighted to see the results they obtained too. In fact, the person whom owns this result slip below got away RM50 richer for getting an A- in Biology. (Secretly, I wish this was my SPM result..)

Honestly, I’m still smiling because of the result as I was expecting far worst, especially from my Science class which is the type of class people normally call as ‘the last class’.  Well, results state that ‘the last class’ did pretty well 🙂

Ahhh… I think I’ll take the night off and relax with a movie.  Tomorrow is Friday, and it’s the mark of the mid term holidays.  I love school holidays… hahahhaah…


  1. Wah, there you see? your calling is to teach Biology after all! hahah. mesti your student suka belajar sebab cikgunye hensem nak? that’s 1 part motivation.

    Tahniah Cyril!

    Too bad I’m not teaching Bio anymore.. Got replaced when the trained Biology teacher came in..hehehe


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