Birthday Post: Telling time like never before

Last night, a last minute decision saw me head on to Backstage to hang out with some dear friends. Fahri was definitely there, and when we shook hands and exchanged hugs, he asked me one question. “Dude, how long has it been since we met?“… and that started me counting.

Birthday 2013 celebration, Porkies, friends
Dinner party by the buddies last Friday night.

The night was special because I turn a new age. Not that I do make my birthdays huge and big, but this time, I’m entering what most people would call ‘middle age’. It’s a landmark age, and I’m thankful that I get to live this long, with the company of some of the best friends, loved ones and family members one could ever ask for.

Time flies when you are having fun they say, and I can easily testify to that, with my age catching up, and myself feeling like I’m still a ‘young’, but in reality already moving into another landmark age which is not known as ‘youth’ no more.

Good times with the 'gang'.
Good times with the ‘gang’.

Well, this birthday of mine was indeed about time, and it ended with a very fitting celebration with lovely Dinah presenting yours truly with a gift which will make me never look at time the same way again.

Checking the time would never be the same again! <3
Checking the time would never be the same again! <3

With that said, I’d like to wish my wonderful family, my loving girlfriend, my amazing friends, my playful colleagues, my interesting students and of course all of you reading my blog, a huge THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, and an even BIGGER THANK YOU for making my life nothing short of amazing!

Friends since my school years...
Friends since my school years…

You guys were the colours in my life’s painting, and I hope you’d be willing to stay around for more.

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