Jaga Gate


I normally wake up for work at 630am… and rush to get to the thumb-print machine before it’s digital clock strikes 7am.  I’m so not a morning person.  Ask me to stay up late, I’d obliged without much problems, but waking up in the morning is a HUGE challenge for me, and worst still… it’s part and parcel of my job.

Unfortunately, for the next few days, I’d have to wake up early because I have to be standing at the entrance of the gate, ensuring that nothing bad happens.  Yeap, you’d never know when terrorist might decide to hit my school with grenades, but if they do so.. you’d hear a hoarse voice shouting “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!!” belonging to yours truly.

It’s been an eventful February in school.  Just last week, some sort of fight broke up, and when we all thought it was done with, something else happened the next day.  I spoke to some students involved regarding the matter, trying to do my part as the disciplinary committee (Yes, you read that right, but frankly.. I also can’t believe I am part of this committee), and they relayed that the didn’t know anything about the latest incident.   I guess, maybe some would quickly erroneously point out that discipline in my school is on a decline, but I’d beg to differ as I think this sort of cases happens everywhere.  Parent’s shouldn’t be too worried because it’s really nothing, and I believe that even the students whom were involved with such a scuffle do not want to prolonged it.

I’m not sure how other people would deal with the situation, but I took a stance to call the involved students, which so happened to be from my own class, and spoke to them in a mature, soft spoken manner.  Sort of like when you are talking to adults.  I got the information I needed without needing to yell or shout at them, and I even managed to obtain a good list of who’s involved in the whole incident for my report to the administrators.  This was very contrary to some other teacher’s method which involved a lot of yelling, scolding and ‘bad cop’ method.

Anyway, I’m still wondering what the hell am I doing in the disciplinary committee because I have a very unorthodox method when dealing with students, and I know by fact that some of my colleagues give me a sour face when I do things my way.  Personally, I don’t even feel I am fit to be part of the discipline committee, and I am actually surprised that I am elected as one of the committee members.  I guess the administrators had no choice =P

Well, I guess, there is little I can do about my position as it’s my job, but for the month of February, I’ll be the ‘big boss’ for some teachers on duty in my group, and I’ll be manning the school gate for this week as part of my monthly duty.  So, if you guys happen to see me, and you are not at my school to terrorize it, wave your hands, and say ‘Hello’.. or you could try bringing me my all time favorite  “Starbucks Mocha Paraline Frappachino on ice” coz that would really make my day =)


  1. wahhh cikgu also jaga the gate pula? i tot only the prefects and of course the pak guards la 🙂

    In good schools, it would be only the people u mentioned above, but my school is ‘special’.. Kekeke

  2. Wahh.. reading this post reminds me of my schooldays 😀

    time really flies ehh.. 😡

    Yes. I agree on how time flies. It’s just like yesterday I was still schooling, and now.. I’m working 🙁

  3. Hahahah Cyril,

    Fights in our school have been going on for weeks by different students. We are dealing with the same problem as yours and teachers now have been stationed at the gate and canteen to monitor students. It is a tough job huh?

    Yeah Willie. It is.. but for my school, its not only during fights. It’s daily…

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