Kuching’s Best Sunset View Ramadhan Buffet Anyone?


Kuching indeed has one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen. When the sky turns gold, Kuching Waterfront would be one of the most romantic places on planet earth, looking humble yet amazingly beautiful. The problem is, the view is limited to the waterfront, and places enjoying similar sunset are either private high-rise residential areas, or 5 star hotels with a window shield.

Thankfully, Riverside Majestic has moved their ‘Sungkei Ria’ buffet to be 4 stories above ground, located just beside a swimming pool, overlooking Mount Serapi, Kuching Waterfront and hence giving you unrivalled view of Kuching’s amazing sunset.

To top that up is the amazing line up of both local and international dishes ready for you in the ‘Sungkei Ria‘ buffet. Unlike their twin sister hotel Grand Margherita, the Sungkei Ria buffet at Riverside Majestic is more private with most seats for small families or couples. Most of the food available are local dishes, with a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and Indian.

Some of the food variety available can be seen in the photo below:

Anyway, out of all the food I tasted, the highlight for me was the local dishes available at the Indian stall. Roti Tissue, Roti Canai and Murtabak are freshly made per your order, and the taste of each ‘kuah’ which accompanied it was amazing. The stall serving traditional Malay desserts also didn’t dissapoint as Binka Jagung, Cucur Keria, Pisang Kepok, Sago Gula, Banana fritters and many more made me satisfyingly full.

While the buffet at Riverside Majestic may not be as grand and big as the Macam2 Ada Buffet, I’d highly recommend Sungkei Ria for those seeking privacy and relaxation because the location of the buffet itself is priceless, and it was indeed a joy to just sit down, relax and enjoy the wonderful breeze while gazing at the sun dissapear with a tummy already nicely filled with great food.

For more information and bookings on this buffet, call +6082247777 (ext 4412). The buffet cost RM79++ per person, and shall last until August 29th, 2011.  After that, I was made to understand that the buffet area (Blue Pool) will only be open to hotel guest and during special functions =(



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