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Penview Hotel, Kuching


It’s feels so long since I’ve updated my blog.  If you guys have noticed, I was kind of silent, and was not really replying comments for the past few week.  Also didn’t do any blog hopping to any blogs, and for the previous 5 days, I was totally ‘out of reach‘.  I know Amiey was sad when I went for BTN especially… but I had to go… Also didn’t want to say anything on my whereabouts due to security reason, but now I’m back…

Dining Hall at Kem Pueh, Sematan

Anyway, the title says it all.. I was attending my induction course, and also the kenegaraan course (BTN).  Both took a hefty 3 week!

I can’t say much on what was learned during this whole 3 weeks because I was asked to sign this thing called “Surat aku janji” which says I should not reveal any of the government’s secrets.  Owh well, frankly, there isn’t much to say either about the content of the courses.  The induction was like telling me on my job and stuff, while BTN was more towards instilling the need for unity in Malaysia.

Bathing at Kem Pueh, Sematan

I stayed at Penview Inn during the whole induction, and shared a room with my colleague.  Our sessions were like classes in university, where lectures start at 8am, and end at 10pm.  Schedule was pack, and there was little time to play around.  However, I managed to make a few new friends, regardless of age, and that was the real beauty of the whole induction course.

BTN was a really different story.  I was suppose to go to Bukit Saban Resort in Betong for BTN, but some technical problems by BTN Sarawak saw me being pushed to Kem Belia Pueh, Sematan.  I was not happy with this new change, but yahh… Pueh pun Pueh lah

The hostel at Kem Pueh, Sematan

40 of us were asked to go to Pueh, and we were told that we would be combined with another department.  Deep down, I wanted it to be the medical department because the police/military/JPJ/Customs department seem to be rather ‘tougher’ than us educators, and those under the medical belt are sort or like educators 😛  I got my wish  😀

Well, to cut a long story short, the experience mixing with the medical team is priceless.  I admit, I almost cried when my handphone was taken from me, but I didn’t want to fail the BTN course.  I’d rather take 5 days off my SMSing days, then to repeat the whole course.  But, after mixing around with the medical team, the whole course was nothing short of fun.  Pure excessive FUN!!

Washing area after dinner at Kem Pueh, Sematan

The medical guys/girls were so sporting, I felt right at home.  The activities arranged were also very interesting, and I should say, a far cry from the ‘ragging’ and ‘brain-washing’ things I’ve heard before.   In addition to that, I made a whole lot of new friends that the 5 days seemed like such a short while.  The only downside of the whole course is time.   It was too jammed up with activities that I am still really tired despite sleeping almost the whole day.

Selvesten pulling his back to go home

Other than that, the whole course actually reminds me a lot of my Form 5 life, which was amazing!!  Owh.. I self-claimed myself, as hailing from the medical department during the 5 day course too!  We danced, played, joked and made all of things together.  Just a little insight on the BTN activities, em… we had classes/lectures for 4 sessions, and then, it was group discussion all the way.  Had games, and also other stuff which was fun, and well, dicipline was instilled, but not as strict as I expected.

Ready to go home

Now, I’m back in Kuching *CLAP.. CLAP.. CLAP..*.  Feel kind of sad that BTN has ended.  Kind of reluctant to start work again tomorrow (Thursday).  3 weeks without being a teacher.  3 long weeks which seemed so short…. but yeah, now I’m back to work, and life goes on…

One of the many group photos taken before leaving for home

To all that I have met and known during this two courses… “I’m so glad to have known you guys/gals, and I do hope we meet again!

Work starts tomorrow.. *SIGH*….

p/s… the photos are all taken during the last day as they didn’t allow any cameras or phones during the whole BTN course.  Mouse over the photos to know what’s it about.

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