Logitech POP Mouse review: Striking but average


I recently bought the Logitech POP mouse and this is my review.  The mouse was bought because I needed a mouse for my MacBook.

To be honest, I’d love to get one of those Apple Air Mouse, but they are really pricey, so I had to settle for this Logitech POP Mouse instead.

Despite that, the mouse was not cheap and cost me a good RM119 as I bought it during an online promotion.

Here’s a brief review of the mouse.

Logitech POP Mouse review

I like the colour and design of the mouse, but I have reservations on the casing which seems to be easily separated from it’s body.

Logitech claims the mouse can use a single AA battery for two years, and this will need time to prove.

In terms of connectivity and syncing, this is by far the fastest ever mouse I’ve used when it comes to syncing with devices – It was so easy and fast!

Other than that, the mouse felt rather normal with nothing really to shout about.  The ’emoticon feature’ was not tested because I felt it was just not needed.

Oh, one more thing, I did feel that the scrolling was a bit too sensitive that I ended using the Mac’s MagicPad more often.

Personally, I think I prefer the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse because I’m so used to using vertical mouse these days.

More on the POP Mouse

For a more detailed Logitech POP Mouse review, read the full review in the link below.  Else, you can also check out the mouse and if it’s offered lower than it’s usual RM159 price.

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