Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet 2019 at Grand Margherita Hotel

Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet

The Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet 2019 at Grand Margherita is one of the most popular in Kuching City.

Thanks to the amazing people at Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching, I had the opportunity to try the buffet hosted at Grand Margherita Hotel itself.

Before I go on, I had to say, I was spoilt for choices at the Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet!

With a very wide selection of more than 100 local and international cuisines for me to savour, each food booth holds its own specialty and I am bound to try each one of them.


Starting off with our local delicacies, the buffet serves their signature Bubur Pedas which had always been a hit.

It also has a variety of Umai sorts, Penang famous dishes like Hokkien Prawn Mee, Asam Laksa, and Char Kueh Tiaw; Daging Rendang, Ayam Masak Merah, Lamb Shoulder Curry, and Udang Masak Lemak for those who enjoy the classics.

Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet

Those who loves fusions to tingle their taste buds can also dig in at Ikan Acar Kuning, Braised Duck in Brown Sauce, Stir-Fried Spicy Local Clam, Semur Daging Sapi, and Ayam Balado.

And these mentioned are only the very few ones in comparison to a whole lot more local delicacies being offered for the diners.

The international selection of the buffet was also as grand.

I am awfully glad that instead of just serving the typical Western dishes like pizza, pasta, roasted chicken with buttered vegetables, they went the extra mile to serve food from other regions.

Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet

This is where the Middle Eastern famous Lamb Rice, Hummus, Tabbouleh (herbs with burgol) and Shawarma are served; together with Japanese dishes such as Sushi, Maki, and Ebi Sarada.

Also not forgetting are Indian specialties like Briyani Rice, Tandoori Murg, Naan, and Lamb Kofta in Mint Raita.

While I think it is exceptional to have a wide choices of delicacies at a buffet, Grand Margherita Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet 2019 delivers quality, taste wise too.

Their food is delicious and it is served fresh and hot to diners.


The Ramadhan buffet ticks almost all boxes when it comes to food, but I have to score them lower when it comes to atmosphere.

Having the buffet at Grand Margherita Hotel’s Poolside Pavilion allows diners like myself to enjoy an impeccable view of the Sarawak River.  However, there is a slight sacrifice in terms of comfort.

When I was satisfying my cravings, I could feel the heat at the pavilion despite the presence of several fans.  I guess it was largely due to the tropical weather we live in, and the fact that Kuching had been rather humid lately.

Other than that, Grand Margherita’s Macam2 Ada holds up to its name and is a must-try for those who enjoys indulging variation within one serving.


The Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet 2019 is available from 6th May until 4th June and it is priced at RM96 for adults and RM38 for child.

Starting from 6:30pm to 10:00pm daily, those who are interested in reserving a spot may contact Grand Margherita F&B at +6082-532111 (ext. 1196) or visit their FB and website to check on their promos and how to get more savings only by becoming an Insiders Club Member!

Note: This review is written by Syazwana.

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