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Looks like I’m talking more about education nowadays.  Not sure if my title is SEO friendly, but it’s what’s going on in my life nowadays, and what’s playing in my mind most of the time lately.

A few days ago, I received a call from a parent. For obvious reasons, I shall not name the parent.

Anyway, it was related to his child representing the school for a competition which requires the parents (including him) to chip in some cash which will enable his child to go for the competition.  The money would be used for accommodation and food as the department has agreed to pay for the transportation at the very last minute. I was told that transport alone would cost some RM5,600 per bus (for 40 passengers).

You see, allocations for extra curricular activities in schools this year has been slashed by chunks.  Unlike previous years, money is hard to come by this year and teachers need to outsource funds to bring students out for activities.

Why is the funds slashed, well… that, I can’t say because I am not sure.

The call I received from this parent was interesting because this parent was asking about the need for him to fork out money for his child.

His exact words to me in the call was “When the student represent the school, and they win, they are bringing the name of the school, and when they win, it is the schools name which goes up, and hence why the school should pay for everything and not the parent.

I found his statement interesting because I felt otherwise with my thought more towards the students gaining experience and exposure.  As for the school, yes, it does get the name, but that would only last for a couple of years.  The name fades after that.

Well, I don’t know about you, but all my experience, field trips,  camps, courses and competitions during my student life has taught me so much, I can still use those experience until today.

So what do you think, am I wrong on this, or is this particular parent right?  If you are a parent, do you think it’s the school whom ultimately benefits when a student excels and goes out for education trips or extra curricular activities?

Looking forward to your two cents.  Cheers!

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  1. This is interesting. When I was in school, I never have to fork out anything when I represent the school. I agree with the parent, but somehow I get your point too.

    I do feel pity though that if this trend continue, those brilliant schoolkids whom their parents cannot afford to send them for competition, will be having a disadvantage.

  2. I had made a great friend when I was in Perth, he was under the Mara Scholarship, studying medicine in University of Western Australia (full scholarship). He was very, very talented in Badminton, and not surprisingly, he won the state championship in Western Australia. We were so happy for him, but then he was sad. He told me that his parents would not pay for the expenditures of his competitions at the national level (which would require him to take a flight and about a weeks accommodation in Sydney) that could cost thousands of Australian Dollars. His father reminded him that they were from poor family, and that he was under scholarship, and his priority was to study, not join badminton.

    At that moment, I can see in his eyes that he was devastated. He could have been someone, but that’s just it, even at the university level, there is no such thing as sponsorship to help you win your competitions. You just have to stand on your own feet, and at the end of the day, when the victory is yours, you fully claim it.

    Malaysians of course are completely different in this sense, but I just thought you might want to know this story of my friend.

    • Good story, and very related.

      The thing now is that parents should be supportive of their children’s dream, and not kill it.

      The parent in the post above as I understand is from a family which actually can afford the money. He just choose not too..

  3. it’s a give and take situation, the school gets the name, the student gets the experience and exposure, and a cert to prove that they did or were involved in that, something to show the future employers of their worth. The teacher on the other hand, doesnt get much just a little credit, if at all. In my days, the schools fork out the fund for extra curricular activities. but then, in those days, there werent much exposure to a lot of activities. i say the ministry shd be supportive, and parents must be understanding. im sure they can be a good judge at what is worthy it or not in their kids’ future. if la…

    • Last time, we stayed in school, and there was little possibilities to go out unless you are good in sports, or a fantastic debater… Now, with so many opportunities, some still prefer to keep their children unexposed.


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