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I got this news from Anna actually.  Yeah.. I know, I am kind of out-dated.  Been busy with work, that I’ve little time to surf and get notice of the world around me… and when I finally have the time, I’m already considered out-dated.

Seriously, I have no major problems with STAR Cineplex, nor do I have an issue with the newly re-furbished Lotus Five Star Cineplex which took over from lame Riverside Cineplex (also known as Metrowealth Cineplex), but they seriously just do not make the cut when it comes to getting the ‘feel’ in watching movies.  Frankly speaking, there are a few problems with cineplexes in Kuching.

STAR Cineplex seems to take advantage of high profile movies.  When others are charging RM7 or RM8  per movie, they would be charging RM9 or RM10.  They have the most movie halls, and kept Medan Pelita alive.  And yes, they indeed have the best view of the Kuching Waterfront, which remains undisputed till today by any cinema location.  It is really too bad that they didn’t capitalize on this unique feature by opening a restaurant or something, but yeah… I guess that really depends on the Medan Pelita management.

A few meters away from STAR Cineplex is Riverside Cineplex.  Located within a prominent shopping mall, this cineplex had an advantage, but they failed to capitalize on it.  Despite charging less than STAR, they failed to live up to expectations, had less shows, and I guess, this resulted in their business going down.  Lotus Five Star took over the management, and new introductions were given.  A KL-style hall was built, and a-flat rate parking fee was introduced.  They even re-furbished the movie halls by introducing new seats which seem to be larger and more comfortable than the previous ones, but sadly, there was no couple seats.  You know, seats without the middle barriers where couples could seat and hug comfortably?  Well, there was none, nada.. nothing. Kind of sad actually, considering that Lotus Star is from the peninsular.

Well, so that sums up the two cinema/cineplexes in Kuching.   Romour has it that Boulevard Shopping Mall would be looking at introducing GSC or TGV when their second phase is completed, but for now, everyone in Kuching I guess, especially myself is looking at MBO Cinema which is opening at tHe Sping.  Am I excited??  YES!!

It’s about time Kuching had another cinema, and MBO Kuching seems just right.  A report from The Star says that this 8 screen cinema which also boast of 1,500 seats and Dolby Digital Surround EX sound system plus Kuching’s very first couple seats (Ahhh.. I’ve been rooting for this for a very very loooonggg time!!).  The largest hall, which would be able to accomodate about 4oo seats, would also boast a 3D screen, which is MBO’s very first in Malaysia, and it is worth to note that this cinema would be MBO’s 2nd largest outlet in Malaysia after their outlet Ampang, Selangor.

Well, guys, if you are as excited as I am, mark August 19, 2009 9 September 2009 (new date updated on 20 August 2009) because after numerous delays… MBO Cinema Kuching is finally opening in tHe Spring’s second floor… I can’t waaaiiittt!!!!  Now, if only someone would give me two passes to try out their new cinema…=P


  1. yeah…ya la cyril i agree with you. We are all looking forward to it. Kuching is such a big city compare to other state and yet only can find two cinema in here..wat a shame. So hopefully d’ MBO cinema will give a new cinema culture to kuching nite..

    Yeah… *crossing fingers*

  2. haha.. just checking things before going to school! cool! i can’t wait! BUt i still got Midterm going on at the time.. be sure to write a review k?

    Well, they mentioned pre-view… so I’m not sure whether they start operating coz Anna only said they would have the big preview..

  3. Dear Cyril,

    I saw your comments on my blog! Thank you for the feedback 🙂 Been occupied lately. My blog needs lots of updating. Say hi to Amiey for me. OMG August 19! Can’t wait to check it out. Must check the papers for the movie schedule yea? 😉 😉

    Hi Sam. Hahaha.. well, tell me about the busy-ness… I’m also having a hard time keeping up with all the blogs on my feed. Well, I am not sure on wether they start showing movies on the 19th, but i’m crossing my fingers. They have 50 couple seats.. so two should be booked by you and your other half =D

  4. Wow.. wow.. wow.. I can’t wait to check this place out too 😀

    Haven’t been to the spring for quite sometimes O_o

    Yeah.. same here.. it’s been a while since I’ve even been to the spring. Nothing to buy, but nowwww… I have a very good damn reason not to stay home.. =D

  5. Long time have not been to the Spring… at least now Kuching has few places to watch movie… Not only STAR and Lotus Five Star cinema… 😛

    So true..hehhe.. pokai ba. the Spring is to exclusive for me.

  6. when i studied there, i remember going to the riverside cinema twice. first was for pearl harbour and the second was for this one malay movie that ive forgotten what…

    Only twice?? Wahhhhh… I frequent cinemas…

  7. i wish bint-ulu has sucha cinema too 😀
    da existing one is… *shake head*

    I’ve been to STAR Bintulu a few months back… I’d say, if Kuching’s cineplex doesn’t make the cut, Bintulu’s cineplex is…. errrr…. the nicest way to say it would be ‘below-ordinary’.

  8. The fact of the matter is its MBO. It’s nothing to do with its location at Kuching or anywhere else. MBO just sucks! flat SUCKS!!! I’m staying at KL. Just watched Transformers 3, like just now, at MBO Spark, Desa Petaling. Sound problem man… it was not muted, it’s playing. But when you hear the sound, its like as though you were hearing it underwater with the sound amplified. How stupid is that. Me and some other guy went out to complaint, after a while they fixed the prob, but only for a short moment the sound went crazy again. I went out again and ask if they could get the sound fixed and rewind the movie for a bit. They couldnt because it will affect their movie schedule. So i asked if I could get a refund. She’s like gladly accpeted my request as though she had been through this all the time with the customers. So I asked again, “Can you refund for all the others inside”?. She’s making some face and turned away. So there I was ‘trying hard’ not to waste my time, finishing the movie in a cinema not worth watching. JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!???


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