The Morning Crew

I bet most of you love listening to JJ and Rudy in the morning. I do.  Those two nutty guys, from, can do wonders to your mornings.  They actually put the word ‘N’ in naughty, and could top Santa’s list of the ‘naughty list’.

Despite that, they are just darn addictive, and day to day… I continue to tune in… listening to their very ‘casual’ discussions, and their pranks/gotcha calls (which is available at

But it’s all over.

Its JJ and Ean now in the morning… and Rudy would be signed off to the afternoon/evening.  No disrespect to JJ and Ean, but JJ& Ean sounds utterly weird.  You could combine it to name it Jean!!

Anyway, the way I see it… 2009 looks bleak.  It seems that 2009 is ‘the year everything changes’ year.  I never liked changed.  For better or worst, change is hard for me… Call me boring, but that’s a fact.

To top things up… I’ve very under the weather now.  Don’t know why my throat feels soar, and its like I’m a hound barking frequently.  Em.. really not in the mood to say anything.. So, that sums it up.  This is a quick one, I guess.

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