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You guys know I love to blog. I like to share my piece of mind here… but lately, I just don’t have the time.

Yes, I am still alive an very much kicking with a few new ‘pain’ gained here and there… but I am very darn occupied these few days. Will be going to a major tournament very very soon. It’s more like a National tournament actually. And for the sake of this particular tournament, I’ve been playing a lot with these thing:

Yes, ain’t my job ‘fun’??

I get to play and enjoy stress at the highest level. Frankly, the word ‘LEGO‘ means ‘pressure’, ‘back pain’, ‘stress’ and  ‘sleepless nights’ now.  And who ever said playing LEGO was fun?


  1. hmmm…my earlier comment kena ‘kick’ also. just like in amiey’s blog. i wonder why.

    anyways…i didnt know Lego also got tournament. now i know…

    Carol, its actually the anti-spam thing I installed on both blogs. Short comments would get the boot. So, its best to leave something long..hehehe

    btw, Lego also got tournament. I think your school should know of it. Its under the Robotics programme by the ministry. Sabah won big this year… You can refer to this website for more info.


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