My 7 secs on NTV7’s CUBE’s 7 Episode


Yep, you read the title right. I was on CUBE NTV7 last Thursday, and I was commenting on ‘brain drain’ in Sarawak. You can catch the episode by free registering for or clicking directly here if you are a registered user. Select Episode 7 of CUBE, and wait for my ‘less than 10 seconds’ appearance a little in the middle (7 mins 16sec ) of the show.

The interview taking place

I’m not asking you to watch, but if you are interested, do so.. Interesting topic on how Sarawak is loosing it’s best talents to the west and other parts of the world.

On that note, I love Silas’s words in the show when he said: ‘The drain is very very big now’. Yep, I agree, and I had a good laugh when I heard him say that. Can’t agree more bro!

And, of course… to the crew of CUBE and Grace Ng, thanks for the chance to be on national TV, and to Dinang and Robin, thanks guys for helping out!


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