My Apple Watch 7 review: What I liked and disliked


I recently got hold of the Apple Watch 7 and this is my review.  Before I say more, this watch is the latest version of the Apple Watch at the time of writing, and it is also known as the Apple Watch Series 7.

I never planned to get the watch, but since I got one for my wife so that she could monitor her heart rate better, I thought I should also get one if I could buy one at ‘undercut’ prices.

The watch at 47mm, goes for RM1,899, so I was aiming to get a pre-loved Apple Watch 7 for RM1,400, with Apple Care still intact.

At that time a 47mm pre-loved Apple Watch 7 was going at RM1,600 and the Apple Watch 6, which is an older model, was priced around RM1,400.

Well, cutting to the chase, I managed to find a seller who was willing to agree to my price, with his watch having a warranty until April 2023, which is about ten months from now.  On top of that, the watch was in pristine condition with its battery health still scoring 100%. To me, it was a steal.


In case you aren’t an Apple fan, the specifications of the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 is as seen below.

If compared to other Android based smartwatch, this Apple Watch doesn’t really offer as much if placed side to side, but reviews I read have suggested that one will only benefit the most if they are using an iPhone, which is something I am using.

With that in mind, I decided to go for the Watch and see if it does live up to what is said.

What I liked

So after about a week using the Apple Watch Series 7, what do I think? Well, this Apple Watch 7 review would first tell you what I liked, and if you read on, what I disliked.

Syncing with Apple Ecosystem

For starters, the syncing between Apple’s ecosystem with the watch is simply magical. It’s so convenient and easy with everything well integrated.

I get to answer calls and reply messages just through the watch, and Siri works almost flawlessly via the Watch.

The syncing is obvious when what is recorded in the watch is immediately seen in my phone or Mac instantly, which makes most data, particularly health data, accessible easily.

Premium feel

I also like the premium feel of the watch.  The strap feels expensive, and the watch itself feels premium.

It is a bit on the heavy side if compared to my previous smartwatches, but it’s acceptable.  The weight if anything, adds to that premium feel.

Exercise mode and circles

I never understood the coloured circles in fitness watches before until I used the Apple Watch 7.  With this watch, it takes the whole circle thing to a whole new level by allowing you to also ‘monitor’ other friends exercise regime.

Aside from that, the GPS and also recording for each activity is either automatically calculated, or manually done, with precision. Some Android watches I’ve used were a hit and miss sort of experience when it came to the GPS positioning.

Sharp display

The Apple Watch Series 7 has one of the best displays I’ve ever had on a smartwatch. It’s clear and beautiful to see. The availability of animated displays which are in OLED display makes it look stunning when the screen is on.

Responsive and easy to use

The large screen means icons are bigger and it’s easier to use the watch as well especially if you have large fingers like myself. Tapping on each icon is also very responsive hence making it a joy to use.

What I disliked

I would not say the Apple Watch 7 is perfect and I have a few complaints as you can read below.

Battery life

One day battery life is a joke and that is what the Apple Watch 7 offers if I turn on most its functions. It does have fast charging, which is great, but I’d still prefer longer battery life.


Previously, I vowed to not buy the Apple Watch until they changed their watch shape to a more circular shape.

I caved to peer pressure, but that doesn’t mean I like how it looks, Being rectangular, the watch is still not in a shape I like.

Not exactly scratch resistant

Apple markets the Apple Watch 7 as being the toughest watch they ever made. I barely used it for a week, and I have a tiny scratch on the screen already. The scratch is only visible under certain angles, but it’s there, hence putting a dent to that ‘toughest watch’ label. I got a screen protector for just RM5 at the link below.

Conclusion: Should you get one?

Geez, I don’t know. Compared to my Amazfit GTR 2e, the Apple Watch series 7 does feel a bit overhyped to some extend.

However, it’s integration with Apple devices, as well as its precision and also several key detection features under Emergency SOS like Fall Detection is pretty awesome.

I think it is a matter of preference, but if you are not using an iPhone, I think you should just do away without it because a lot of joy using the watch comes from the seamless syncing it has with the whole Apple Ecosystem.

Without that, the watch doesn’t do much and does feel like an overpriced wearable.

Where to buy

Nonetheless, if you are keen to own an Apple Watch 7, then I’d recommend you get them directly from the Apple store.

By doing so, you can mix and match your watch with numerous watch bands which can save you quite a bit especially considering how much an original Apple Watch Band cost.

Else, if you are more keen to save on your purchase, and do not mind standard colours, getting the watch from authorised Apple dealers in the stores below will be much better.

Hope my review helps! Do read about my MacBook Air review too!

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