My First Business Card


I never thought I’d actually make my very own business card until… the Global Malaysia BusinessForum’s welcoming dinner.

There was this invisible mental block in my head which thought that ‘I didn’t need a business card‘, but after the welcoming dinner and awkwardly exchanging phone numbers and writting down my blog domain on pieces of papers, or huge A4 papers, I decided, there was a need for such a card.  After all, I was at a business forum, and the whole idea was to make new connections, and increase networking, and that wouldn’t happen if you handed someone a huge A4 size plain paper, which has some tiny writting of my contact number and domain.  It wasn’t practical after all, and I’m guessing most people will just throw it away when they clear their bags.

So, I decided that I needed a business card.  Since sending my business card design to the shop would take time and it might not be ready within 24 hours, I decided to print out my very own business card using my printer.  Amazingly, it turned out rather nice and neat.

The next day, Norman said he could get my business card ready in a few hours, and so, I paid him the money, and on the 12th of November 2009, I received my very first official printed by a shop, business card.

So, what do you guys think of the design?

I know, it looks crowded, but the whole idea was to highlight my blog’s domain, and I think I successfully did that.


  1. ya, i remember daniel gave away his business card that time and i thought it was really his business card until i saw only the web site url and his name on it. i tot thats a cool idea to have one. but i havent gone to that stage of actually doing it la. 🙂

    You should, esspecially since you do have a DSLR, and you can make money with your camera.

  2. I’m also considering getting a name card printed.
    But I cant be bothered at the moment~~
    Perhaps it’ll take a business event for me to get one.

    It depends on an individual. You should get one I think because it’s kind of awkward if you do not have one when people ask for your card.

  3. Wow… that’s a wow! 😛 i attended a few events where they always exchanged business cards, and I would go ‘I’m a teacher, I don’t have any business card. sorry..” they would go “oh, ok… urrrmmm… can i get yr no. instead?”


    =) I guess, its time to have one. You don’t have to put your school, but just a name and phone number would do. Like mine..hhehe

  4. actually u no need wat wat wat business card, u can promote ur blog n even business in class to ur student xD

    hahaha ~

    I can’t do that =P Nanti byk org jeles bisnes saya maju.

  5. title-educator & blogger. congrats on your 1st business card. 😉

    Cool? =) I didn’t want to put ‘teacher’ because it would tie me to the ‘teacher’s perception’ people always give.

  6. I did my blog business card for the 2008 Sabah Bloggers Gathering, a last minute thing, i.e. a few hours before the event – the quality was shoddy but the idea was to break the ice – I went to each and every blogger that was present at the time before the event. 🙂

    We need to catch up in January to start discussion on Sarawak Bloggers Gathering…. 🙂

    Come to think of it, every blogger should have a business card, although I;m unsure about how much it does function. Regarding the gathering, sure thing bro.. we should discuss details and start the core team if we want to get things moving.

  7. Wow… I thought I would be the first to write about this… and thought that you tak berminat nak post about it…
    but nahhh… you pla dulu…hahahaa 😛

    Hehehe.. one of the few things I did which is significant, so I blogged about it la.

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