My Last New Year Here

I’m a little bit old for angpao, so I don’t look forward to angpao collecting yearly. To be honest, if I did get any angpao, it wouldn’t be even enough for me to buy a new pair of shoes. Despite being half Chinese (sort-of), we don’t really practice angpao giving, so it’s really understandable.

With that, my favorite Chinese tradition must be the fireworks on the eve of the New Year. It’s the one time the police all of a sudden turns blind and deaf, and at some point may sneak away with firing one of those fireworks themselves.

Yea, Malaysia is so blessed that our police force is so understanding. In fact, despite the huge raids reported on TV, fireworks on new year never seem to be getting any ‘weaker’. The only thing which could dampen the spirit of these ‘fireworks savvy beings’ is by making it pour. Hey, I’m not complaining!

This year is rather special for me. With my house almost completed, and the fact that I will move in the second I can (which is this year), this is my last new year watching the fireworks from higher ground.

My new house will only be one-storey, and I bet the view would be different. In fact, with all my neighbors seemingly Chinese, there is a high possibility I’m going to see the fireworks up close, and probably sleep very late every new year.

Anyway, for the past 5 years, the view from my flat has been nothing but amazing as I could see the fireworks from afar, minus the smoked and smell. This year, the free fireworks display was not bad, as my trustworthy Samsung SGS2 captured some amazing shots while it was starting (photos in this post)

Well, I’m glad to have people willing to ‘burn money’ every new year, and I’m looking forward to CNY at my new house next year.

Till my next post, Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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