My Top 5 Treat List


When it comes to treating myself, I NEVER think twice. Okay, maybe I’d think twice because treating myself does need money, but lets just set aside that variable in this post. Let’s just say I am given the opportunity to treat myself to anything, anywhere. Yeah, the sky is the limit… so what would the 5 top treats be for myself?

NUMBER ONE: Free miles on any airline in the world
Taking into consideration that I wasn’t lucky enough to get born on any airline, so I guess this just has to be the first thing I’d like to enjoy on my limitless and ‘imaginary’ treats. Yup, I am talking about free flights to any destination in the world, and among the first countries I’d like to visit would be England.

And since it wouldn’t be awesome to travel alone, I guess extra free miles for a possible partner would also need to be included After all, who’s gonna snap my photo in front of London Bridge? =P

NUMBER TWO: A nice back-rub
Seriously, which guy will turn away a good massage? I for once enjoy pampering myself, and getting a nice relaxing massage is something I’d really love treating myself to. In fact, since money is not an object here, I’d prefer my massage to be done by professionals regardless of gender and how they look. Of course the back rub would definitely come after a long exciting journey around the globe.

and yeah, being a guy, it would be a huge bonus shall the messieurs be a beautiful girl, which has soft hands, but a very solid touch… =P

NUMBER THREE: A very fast stable high speed broadband connection
Ya..ya.. I know. We all ‘adore’ the broadband speed provided by our local internet service providers to the general ‘rakyat’. It’s basic fact that if you can’t afford high-end speeds, you pay for less, and you get less with of course the casual ‘line problems’ which are always referred to as ‘service is being upgraded’.

So, because of that, I’d really like to treat myself with top notch internet connection. I’m not talking about the 100Mbps or 3.5Gbps, but rather something way above 21Gbps which is so far the fastest broadband speed available in the world. Wouldn’t it be super nice to have downloading and uploading taking seconds?

NUMBER FOUR: A house I can call home
Yeah.. I’ve been living in a rented apartment for the last 3 years, and it ain’t great. Firstly, I can’t drill holes to put drapes up to block the shinning sun. Secondly, the design of my apartment suck so much, I think the engineers and architects whom are responsible for this project are idiots and know nothing about making a decent house, and third and most importantly… it’s rented, so how can I actually call it home? I can be asked to move out of my rented apartment at any given time.  It’s really at the discretion of my landlord.

So why not treating myself to a private owned house which I can drill and re-design at my own will? Seriously, if money wasn’t an object, I’d get a house way before I bought my car.

As you all know, blogging is a definite passion of mine. I can seriously say that I would carry my desktop practical everywhere to enable myself to be connected to my blog, and update it when I feel I have something important to say, if it wasn’t for the huge size of the desktop. Here’s why the DELL Inspiron 13 is considered the most important treat of all treats. I mean, I could travel the world even without free miles on an airline. I could easily do away with a sexy messieurs massaging my body. I can be live with mediacore internet speed, and it doesn’t takes that much to stand my rented apartment. But, having an easy 13.3 inch screen portable laptop such as the DELL Inspiron 13 would bring everything into a whole new dimension because having the Inspiron 13 would somewhat complement the other 4 treats I’ve listed above.

As a matter of fact, I believe that with Inspiron 13’s cutting age graphics (which are supplied by ATI Mobility Radeon), I would easily be able to enhance my graphic design ability and my gaming experience, while it’s long lasting 6-cell 56WHr Li-Ion Battery would mean that I can update my blog anywhere, regardless of whether there is a power source or not. To top that up, the laptop itself comes with Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processors and the long awaited Windows 7!! To cap the whole fantastic package of the Inspiron 13 is the realistic beauty it has, which would also ensure that I always blog in style no matter where! =P

With that said, I only wished that I could actually fulfill at least one of these 5 treats because, as much as it does seem possible, it does come as a near impossibility for myself whom earns a very modest income monthly.

So, guys, if you were given a choice, what would you’re 5 personal treats be?


  1. omg, a nice back-rub by a beautiful girl? hehe 😉

    good luck for the contest ya 🙂

    Thanks Ween. And yes.. a nice back rub by a beautiful girl will not be bad at all =P

  2. agree with Carol, 5 is just ain’t enough bro!!

    Hahaha.. this is a contest entry, so they say 5, 5 la.. if not, I’d love to list a whole lot more.. There’s so much I want in life at the moment, that sometimes I wonder wheter I’ll actually get any of it.

  3. I can help you snap a picture at the Tower Bridge or more well known as London Bridge.. 🙂 Let me know if you do come to the UK.

    It’s not that expansive nowadays with Air Asia X but you’ll have to book early to get the cheaper seats. I flew with them last may and I must say they’re quite good for the London sector compared to many other budget airlines!

    Round the world experience should be interesting. Still trying hard to go on with my globe trottling plan but this year’s itenery is pretty much over with only one more trip left in two weeks time. There is still so many place to explore! Not enough money and not enough time..

    Wish you luck on yours!

    If I do get to London, I’ll give you a call… just in case I do need someone to take a photo of me infront of London Bridge =)

    I agree, with AirAsia X, its now cheaper to fly, but then, I’m always worried about the actual cost when I land.. hehehehe.. Travelling is tiring, but it is indeed fun to do.

  4. Hey…wait a minute…how about a DSLR for yourself. Kekekeke

    Nahhh.. regardless of how much I enjoy envy those with DSLR, I don’t like the fact that it’s bulky and big, plus I already have a camera =)

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