The Great Escapade


Bloggers get to do so much this time around.  We get invited to events, camwhore and even get first chance at every online contest available .  Of course, we also tend to get black listed, ISAed, and famous for talking about the right topics at the wrong time.

So, I could say, bloggers are a busy bit of people.  Yup, really busy…. we multi-task way too much, and often find it hard to get some space for ourselves.  Even if we did have space, we’d be on facebook, poking and tagging our own photos.

I have a day job, and I am a blogger.  Imaging how much the stress and pain I have to endure?  I need to go somewhere.  Somewhere I could release it all, and forget about work and all those stuff bugging me daily.  I need to get out of Kuching, even though Kuching is in fact a very wonderful city, a great place to party but I seriously need to travel and find my perfect escapade!!!

Travel airfare cost is always a problem with my day job paying me enough only to live an ordinary simple life.  I could say my day job sucks at times, but thankfully airfares aren’t an issue anymore because MAS has been offering their Stimulus Package since we were all hit by the global economic crisis.  No hard feelings for the airline in red and white, but I always like traveling with the best cabin crew in the world.  I like their elegant stewardess, and the comfort of their seats.  It is the best way to travel by air.

And out of the 9 travel stimulus packages, I’d really love to utilize the Kids Fly Free Stimulus Package.  Yes, its the stimulus package which is the most flawed of all… and no, I am not in any way married, YET..hehehe….

Why do I say it’s flawed? Well, take it this way, I do not see any clause which says that the kid traveling with me (using this package) must be mine, so, I could get my sister, nephew, or even a friend or student of mine to travel with me… It’s really simple..and the best part is I also need to purchase another ticket to be eligible for this package, and so… there will be 2 adults and one kid on the trip.  The more the marrier they say..and so, 3 is the golden number.  Way too many is a hassle, and traveling alone just plain, sucks.

To cut a long story short, I just hope I do get to do my great escapade really soon.  I’m not particular of any country, but I’d really like for it to be Swine Flu free, and also preferbly a place I can get myself relaxed, and a wonderful back massage…. *Keeping my fingers crossed*


  1. maybe touring in Sarawak, but Kuching… you can go for your short escapade in Miri, or Mulu or just go to Brunei.. But make sure you have the right companion@ group with you, to make the trip worthwhile.. or else, even if you are at the world’s best place, it wouldn’t be fun without those right ppl to enjoy the hols with you… 🙂

    Make the most out of yr hols, Cikgu! 🙂

    p/s: yeah..Many prefers MAS, but i don’t mind any, as long as i reach my destination safe and sound, that’s good enough for me… 🙂 often at times things dont work our way…

    I agree totally on the companionship thing. Sometimes, some people can just ruin a really great trip..

  2. despite the many packages AA and MAS are offering now, im still waiting for ‘the’ package to get me and my Mr. off for our yearly getaway…where could it be this time, i wonder?

    School holidays are just around the corner, right??

  3. I mean can’t ;p Anyway, can post now.

    Frankly, I’m confused.. but I understand you are now able to leave comments there 😛 so I dont have to do anything 😀

  4. wonderful back massage? ….a lady did take out my friend underwear while massaging him in a very popular and exclusive spa. hehe…

    Really?? Hehehhe…. Was the lady cute 😛

  5. you’re on your way to redeem the air voucher from keep those comments coming … payout is next month.

    Hahaha… well, that’s good to know. Maybe I’ll get to flay at least to Singapore 😀

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