MYHOUSE: Quotations & Planning


Been busy lately focusing on my new house. With the house so near to completion, I’m scouting around for quotations for the house. The game plan is simple, and is listed below:

  1. Do grill – in consideration: Steel grill with epoxy paint or Aluminum grill with steel bar.
  2. Do lighting – down lights, exterior light & fans
  3. Wall-up kitchen – Include suction fan, concrete floor cabinet, two windows, 1 timber door, and one good stove.
  4. Master bedroom built-in cabinet – door-less, with mirrors, with a TV area and dressing table.
  5. Autogate

Just like any project I do, I have a sum allocated for all the things listed above.  It may not be hefty, but I have a feeling it will be enough, or just enough.  For now (after moving scouting numerous shops and suppliers), here’s some feedback I have to share:

  1. Grill – Steel grill with epoxy paint : RM2,500 (including installation)
  2. Lighting – 5 fans, 21 downlights, 2 exterior lights : RM2,000 (including installation)
  3. Bedroom built-in cabinet (wooden) : RM3,200 (including installation)

The other two are still pending (autogate depends on if I can afford it), but I do expect to get the quotes soon, and I’m still basically keeping my options open.  Just to share, my wardrobe plan (for now) is as seen below.

There will be slight amendments to it, but this was the one the designer quoted for now.  I’m still looking for someone who can do the wall-up of the kitchen as I’m a little particular about the quality of their work.  The last thing I want is for one to do it cheap, but end up having something fall apart. With that said, I don’t mind paying extra for better workmanship, just like I don’t mind spending more for a shop that has better customer service, than those that give you dirt cheap products, but also give you unfriendly services.

On that note, I’m happy to say that I’ve met again with my developer, and she showed me the materials used for the house.  I can say I’m very impressed as they are giving some good materials.  Like she said, they wont be giving the utmost best in the market, but they won’t settle for those ‘cheap no quality ones’ either.  To say the lease, I was happy upon seeing the sort of material used.  Even the wood used for the door frames (which have been installed) are of good quality – says a friend who went to my house.

If there is anyone out there having some advice on house buying/renovations etc, why not drop me a comment. I’m open to ideas and suggestions =)


  1. cyril…your blog is way cool man. Love reading your entries. Well, quiet people like you are always full of surprises. Keep up the good work.

  2. my contractor was dirt cheap, top-quality workmanship, but verrryyy slow and always missing.. have to keep tabs on him all the time. but it was worth the trouble as we got the best finishing to look at for a long time to come. too bad, he’s a local here if not i would have recommend him to you.

    my 1 small suggestion is, if you want your house to look slightly different than the others but want cheap paint job, just paint the lower part of the house same color as the upper part. we did that, and our house looks outstanding, yet cheap. my hubby do himself as it was easy since it only the lower part, less painful for him too .

  3. Apoooh… so expensive! money flying everywhere just for reno. sigh… tapi one time jak ok. I have no advice, just to wish you good luck! house looks good! (even if sample only)

    • I hope it does look good. =)and yes, its expensive… kind of scary and im always worried that I’ll end up spending so much money, and the quality of the product is sub-standard.

  4. Wah Semi-D. I been going to a lot of show houses and the main reason is to see how they design the house inside. Usually it look good. maybe a visit to one or two show houses could give you more idea on what to do renovate.

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