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For the past weeks, I have been busy ‘renovating’ my house.  The term renovating here refers to changing and constructing parts of the house which were not included in the purchase of the house.  I have yet to do any major construction, but things are progressing well, particularly with both Donovan and Dinah helping out.

To be honest, I do not do much outdoor work.  Much of my passion actually lies indoors, in front of the computer nowadays to be exact.  However, doing the ‘little-little things’ on my newly completed house is fun, particularly when you get to see the final result.

Light's up!!
Light’s up!!

Last weekend, the contractor for the lights came and installed all the lights and fans needed for the house.  The major lighting works took a whole day, but when the switch was turned on, the money spent on the lighting seemed so worth it.

The house is also grilled, but I have to admit I am quite disappointed with the grille contractor who did not live up to expectations.  Due to his poor workmanship, the grille I received was rusty at several parts, and I noticed that the paint was simply too thin.

Painting in progress by 'free contractors'
Painting in progress by ‘free contractors’

This prompted me to repaint the whole grill to avoid further decay of the grille.  I did consider complaining and asking them to re-do the grilles, but decided to let it go because taking off the grille from its fixed position would damage the house, and that would not be good.  Thanks to Donovan, the repainting process went on smooth, although I have to admit Imade a small mental note to myself to NEVER GO BACK TO THIS CONTRACTOR!

This weekend, we also found ourselves clearing the compound of the house.  The house contractor did clear it in November 2012, but due to SPM Invigilation, I had to leave it unattended.  Tweet-Up Kuching 2012 came next, and Christmas and also New Year weren’tt exactly the best times to do any clearing.  The opportunity only came recently.

The 'Semalu garden' I have at the backyard.
The ‘Semalu garden’ I have at the backyard.

With over a month gone, the compound of my house has turned into a ‘lovely’ ‘Semalu park’.  This prompted Donovan, Dinah and I to start a new project, which is to clear and do something about the whole compound before I move in.  The project involved two tonnes of soil, and some purposed bought Philippine Carpet Grass.

Clearing was not an easy task as the contractor decided to dump all the construction debris in the house compound.  Sones and rocks were everywhere! *sigh*

One section of the house compound cleared
One section of the house compound cleared

Well, more is expected to be done as we try to finish everything by end of January, but it is, as I said above, a huge sense of satisfaction when you actually finish something and can see the results.

Well, coming up next is more clearing, and also the installation of blinds and Phase 1 of the kitchen extention.

If everything goes well, my new place should look great just before Chinese New Year. Since you are reading this, any tips on where to get carpet grass, and any recommendations for those doing house renovation works?

Till then, chioooo….

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