1. no one will agree to design the logo for free. plus,there’s load f student there who dislike the team. like always la, the team always having a lack of acknowledgement by the school people. they’re sometimes don’t even noticed by other students. lerr. sian. adoh2. *terkenang zaman dahulu kala. 🙂

    [Cyril Dason]
    Well, the competition is open for those reading my blog, and its not for students actually. It’s an unofficial competition.. that’s why there is no prize. Anyway, I do not agree with your statement saying people dislike the team, but I do agree there is lack of support from those above. As far as I know this year, MJROBOTICS is gaining momentum and in fact we have received official letter from parents requesting to join into the team 😀

    I have observed that there are sometimes internal & external bickering, and a sense of envy among students (you know la.. the usual f1 and Robotics thingy)… but overall, I have to say that there is a good atmosphere, most notably this year 😀

  2. Tqahh,jgn padah mcm ya… just that robotics always di kenakan ngan F1…kekeke *smiling*

    I’ll design that logo when i’m free… kekekeke tapi no ones are allow to comment… 😀

    [Cyril Dason]
    And the rivalry between F1 and MJROBOTICS continues.. hahaha.. anyway, I have received a few designs…so, I guess the best one will be chosen soon.. hehe

  3. Wow! I didn’t know your school has a robotic team? What do they do? Are they going for a robotic competition anywhere soon?

    The logo…hmmm…unlike you. I am not a perfectionist. Most of the times , I do my stuff alang-alang. Take for example, if i cut the grass at my house compound, I will cut it by days. Day 1, I will only cut the grass at the front yard, day 2, I will only cut the grass at the backyard and day 3, I will only cut the grass on the left and right side of my house. Really bad right? Hahahaha

    I wish i can help you with the logo design, but i can’t because i don’t have the will to do so and not creative at all when it comes to designing a logo. Guess what, since it is robotic, why not draw a Gundam face on the logo. Hahahah…I love Gundam…hhmmm


    [Cyril Dason]
    Hehhe.. well, Not really into Gundam, but the competition will be in Civic Center next month. I will give up details soon (when I get them). My team will be competing in SMK Asajaya coz my school is defined as under Padawan. As for what the robots do.. emm.. it depends on the theme.. This year is “Artist RObot”.. so get ready for dancing and drawing robots.. hehee

  4. Hi Cyril!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while.. I was very impressed with the school for having a Robotics team and I really do wonder what do they do. Maybe you can eplain abit? I have a friend who is running Robotics workshop based on the PIC and also MicroChip processors in Kuching. He would be very happy to see schools have such initiative in Robotics.

    It’s great to get students involve in these stuff. I’m an automation engineer myself and when I was in school, i haven’t had much chance to play with these stuff or to learn until my college and university years. I think it’s an awesome idea to expose them into these things and develope and let them learn at lease some of the programming basics and the logics behind.


    [Cyril Dason]
    Well, what do they do? Basically, they are given a theme yearly, and they have to create a robot based on the theme. They can build the robot using 50% of lego material, and another 50% can be outside material. SO, basically, we do try to run down the theme, and make something new or change current projects into something better. Anyway, although the Robotics team does seem to play with LEGO alot, but they have to learn a little of programming, and how to solve problems. Normally, I do tend to be very selective on who can join in the team because they will be under a lot of stress when they are doing their projects. I also always drill them on their presentation, and how functional and also structurally correct their robots are. For more information, you can visit the Sasbadi Robotics Website, or go to my Robotics Team website(still needs a lot of updating though).

    Anyway, Robotics rocks!!


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