No more façades, it’s just reality


I won’t pretend I’m happy and justifiably glad of what I’m going through now. One week has passed, and it’s fast, it’s hectic, it’s crazy.

Add up all of those, and you’d be a messed up person by any standard.

Miri looms, and the teams I’m training are not 100% prepared. I am, by any means a very worried person. For the past five years, it has been good, but this year is different. Things are popping up at the very last minute, that even the trip down to the Oil City has been changed three times, much to my displeasure.

Now, I’d be away for almost a week, but my main problem is the fact that the journey takes a long 12 hours or so by bus… It’s really not something I’m looking forward at to be honest.

Tomorrow (or rather today), I’d be brushing the team for answers and trying to push them to finish the project and be ready for the trip. To be honest, my hands are itchy to build, design and finish the robotics project myself, but that’s not my responsibilities. The students should know it’s theirs.

Mine’s more towards logistics are ensuring they are ready, and that I shall do, even if they hate me afterwards. Not that I want to, but there is no way on earth I’d bring an unprepared project to a shopping mall to be showcased to the public as a product by my team.

Here’s to getting everything done by the 5AM journey to Miri on Monday!



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