No reason to stop blogging


It’s 3:34am.  My throat hurts so bad, I can’t sleep.  The meds the Dr gave me does nothing to relieve this pain, and I feel the MC I was given for the past 2 days needs to be extended, but I know, it can’t.

I remember someone leaving a comment at Amiey’s blog, asking me to shut down my blog because I blog about crap, and I should save all you guys the pain of reading it.

Ahh…. the usual ‘hate comments‘.  I wonder why my blog seems to be spared, but Amiey’s has been a main target of late.  Again, I wonder why some people do find time to downgrade others.  Maybe they are just jealous of what they can’t have, or what others have, but they don’t.  Beat’s me.  Cowards do this stuff, and I can’t be bothered.  Positively, one hate comment, equals one reader.. so it’s a good thing..heheh..

Frankly, I am not bothered of these sort of people.  I blog, because it pleases me.  If anyone of you do not like how I blog, then skip my blog.  Don’t even bother reading it.  I won’t bash you up, nor will I sue you.  It’s a free world, you get to choose what you want, and how you want things to be.

I put blogs in this prospect.  There are blogs which bore me.  There are those whom excite me, and of course, there are blogs which are so informative… I read them as frequent as I can.  Kenny Sia is one of the blogs which used to excite me, but uhh.. not anymore.  Somehow, he has lost the touch.  How about ‘boring blogs‘?  Uhh.. Mine maybe a good example.  My blog is full of crap and rants which have no perfect touch.  It’s my online diary, but without the secrets which I don’t share with others.  After all, a secret is never a secret once told to another party.

I love reading blogs which are personal, hence why my blog is also moving to that sense, I guess.  These type of blogs tell me of the author, of their opinions,  of their lives, and how they take thing head on, or heart on.  A personal blog for me does not have to reveal your utmost dirty secrets, but more towards what you feel that particular day.  It can be happy, or sad.  It can be anything.  Life is unpredictable, and I love knowing how some bloggers out there express how they feel while dealing with it.

I admit tough, long blog post tend to bore me, and too much pictures in a blog post tend to drive me away because Streamyx can be slow in loading them up.  There are some bloggers which also like to talk way to much about themselves, to the extend of putting themselves as a third person, like saying “A has just won blah..blah..blah because I am great, terror, look so handsome/gorgeous ” when A is actually him/herself.  Doing this once a while is okay, but if it’s in almost every freaking blog post, it’s annoying.  Some bloggers on the other hand, self promote.  This drives me off totally, because it shows they are just blogging to show off.  I mean, who gives a damn if you think your boobs look like Britney’s?  A blog is a blog, not a resume.  The best is to keep things simple, yet meaningful.

I don’t give a crap on those who say that you blog must have a ‘niche topic‘.  For me, it beats the whole blogging reason, which is to express yourself.  So, if any of you out there, reading this post, and think.. “Damn!! Another crap post by Cyril!!!“, then don’t ask me to stop blogging, but rather, you should stop reading my blog, because if you continue to come back to my domain, there must be something you really like… and what you say, that I blog about crap and useless stuff, might be merely your ego talking, when in fact, you like what I write.  And yeah, I do talk about myself in my blog because the blog is about me and my life, but I don’t think I self-promote myself here… but regardless, who cares what what I write?  It’s my blog, and if you don’t like it.. just leave… senang kan??

and owh… one hate comment is better than no comment.  It shows someone is reading 😛  So no reason to stop blogging after all..heheheh


  1. Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I will likely be coming back to your site. Keep up the good posts

    Thanks Toh. Appreciate ur support =)

  2. wah so takut la c your throat…anywhere keep all d good work bro i know your type…dont stop blogging coz i luv 2 read all the blog he…he…

    That’s not my throat la.. I googled it up and used the photo. Well, so far, I don’t intend to stop blogging, and it’s nice to know you like what I blog about =D

  3. They’re reading you Cyril. They may hate it, but they’re reading and following. Who has the last laugh now, right?

    [Cyril Dason]
    Seriously, I’ve been laughing so much… but they just don’t get it. Funny really. Maybe they are just retarded or something.

  4. Hello CyriL,

    Is this a blog war? Hahahaha…well…Cyril, you are not only the one who receive multiple criticisms about your blog. I have some friends who are on the same boat as you are…and they wrote just like you.

    Forget about these kind of people. If you hate their comments, you are free to delete them just as they are free to comment on your views. No harm.

    As for me, I’m not sure how long will I blog. I guess that depends on my workload in future or where will I be working. It’s hard to predict the future right?

    As for now, one thing for sure, I blog because there are people who want to read my blog (I hope that includes you) and I know there are people who switch on their pc and look forward for something new from me in my blog.

    Happy Blogging Dude!

    [Cyril Dason]
    I don’t know whether its a blog war. Its funny really coz some people say this and that about my blog, but don’t dare to say it to my face, or in my blog, but instead put it up in Amiey’s blog. ANyway, I don’t delete hate comments. Whatever it is, I blog for fun, so… no reason to stop yeah???

  5. and i wonder why they tak komen you terus instead of leaving comments about you in my blog…

    such a COWARD!!!! 😀

    [Cyril Dason]
    I wonder the same thing… I mean, if they don’t like me, face me la.. not other people.

  6. “one hate comment is better than no comment”

    Agreed with you about that…hehehe

    Get well soon!!! 🙂

    [Cyril Dason]
    Thanks. I really hope I get well soon. Kenot tahan la like this 🙁

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