Only one in February Cyril, really?

“One blog in February, really Cyril?”

That’s what came to my mind when I checked this personal blog of mine. Macam maok mati jak blog tok eyh… but I’ll keep it updated nonetheless. I just got sidetracked with so many stuff at work and so many personal projects.

But that’s the problem with me. I have so many things I want to do, I find myself pulling myself in so many ways to get it done.

To make it worst, I dislike doing things ‘half baked’, so I find ways and means to complete almost every task I have at hand.

Due to this, my sleep pattern has been bad and the series Haven I am currently watching on iFlix ain’t helping much. My sleeping patern as you can see below is bad. I’m getting less than four hours of sleep daily.
Sleep time
Well, guess it’s time to re-organize myself, pull things together and put priorities into place, AND stop creating mini projects of my own after this.

Need to take care of my health.

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