Otters Big Day: Invites, cards and seating

More updates on ze wedding. Pardon the delay. It’s been a crazy week, and I hit some sort of a ‘writer’s block’ this week. The last post was about the venue, and I promised this was about the bridal.

Well, this will not be about the bridal unfortunately, but rather something which is the biggest nightmare in any wedding; which is the invitation list.

Okay, maybe some of you non-married couples would disagree with me, but trust me, this is the biggest headache. The rest of the problems related to the wedding ceremony and reception could be solved with splurging money. This one, you just can’t. I believe I hear an ‘Aye’ in some of you reading this.

Preparing the guest list of who would be coming to the wedding ain’t easy. It’s simply because you can’t invite everyone, and even if you could, you’d need to be a millionaire, but even then, there’s problems.

For my wedding, a modest 300 guest are expected, and my fiancee and I would prefer a full house, which means everyone invited came. Many may not realize it, but every empty seat at a wedding reception spells wastage, so we try our best to get the confirmed guest list as the date comes closer.

With 300 invitees, 200 were allocated for ‘the family list’, while the rest were allocated for friends and colleagues. Knowing the number of friends and colleagues we had, it was bound that some had to be left out, which was very heartbreaking. However, there is little we could do considering our budget, and we are deeply sorry if you are one of those left out.

The seating plan which has changed over and over again...
The seating plan which has changed over and over again…

Aside from the invitation list, seating all those whom have confirmed their attendance is another problem because with just 300 people, it was quite a challenge to decide who gets to sit where.

To solve seating arrangement problems, we tried as much to invite people of the same group in a group of ten, but that doesn’t really work out most of the time, returning us to the same headache of seating arrangements.

That said, some just had to be seated where we felt was best, hoping they would understand, and make new friends.

Up to the hour I am posting this up, the seating arrangements are not even completely finished just yet, with some minor shifting done here and there. I’d be expecting this to continue as the ‘Otters Big Day’ comes closer, with my fiancee and I hoping that everything will just fall in to place on the day itself.

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