Otters Big Day: Making home, home


Everyone, here comes the first of a series of ‘wedding related post’ for your consumption. Note that everything here is not to make you ‘ingga’, but rather to share the joy and pain which I am going through while preparing for my wedding, code name “Otters Big Day”.

So there’s so much to do, and so much to plan. Never actually imagined the many things I needed to plan, but here goes nothing.

First thing, let’s talk about the bride. Well, you read about the proposal and saw the video.

Funny thing is I still hear some voices asking this and that, so here’s probably an overly long excuse to why the bride is ‘her’ and not some other girl.

Fact is, I really couldn’t be bothered of what others say because every decision I make is with plenty of thought, but for the sake of filling my blog, and also for the sake of you knowing my inner thoughts, let’s just hear it bah kan?

To be honest, it does not seem wise for me to gloat or talk so much about my ‘wife to be’, but I’ll try to put it all in the best way I can without all of you ‘vomiting’ or perhaps showing disgust. I know how sarcastic people can be, and even worst, friends which have the nerve to call themselves ‘a friend’ but in fact talk really shitty stuff about you for some unknown reason.

But then again, it struck me tonight (after revising this post for the fifth time) that I need not explain my choices. I mean, it’s my choices, and there must be some good reason for it.

For me, it’s always about the end bargain I’ll be getting, and my decisions are rarely about what’s currently happening, or about what’s the ‘in thing’. Probably that’s why I always screw up business opportunities. I don’t know when to ‘strike the iron when it’s hot’, nor do I like taking advantage of people.

But really, when I was looking far into the future some two years ago… I saw what I wanted in the next ten to 50 years.

…. and guess what?

It was always about having the most amazing person standing right beside me and making my home, home… because having such an amazing person beside you makes everything seem alright regardless of what you face in life.


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