Otters Big Day: The date and venue

Another post about the big day. I sound excited with all these post on the wedding, don’t I?

Well, to be frank, I am. After so long… I am finally tying the knot to this amazing petite girl whom I shall call my wife in the future.

My cousin whom is now based in Jakarta was a surprised man when I told him about my wedding date which is the 14th of December 2013. He said “I expected you to wait for sometime after your engagement”, referring to my action of deciding to tie the knot within a four months period after the official engagement.

Like anything significant in life, the date selection was done after a lot of consideration, and discussion with my ‘wife to be’. Actually, the discussion wasn’t really lengthy, but was rather brief with both of us somehow able to read each others mind, and coming to almost an immediate conclusion on the date.

The date was chosen without consulting any wedding venue, with our concern being only one; namely if the invited could spare time to come.

Therefore, the date 14 December 2013 a.k.a 14.12.13 was not chosen because it was ‘lucky’, nor was it chosen because some Chinese Feng Sui Master said it would bring prosperity and happiness to the newly weds. It was chosen because we wanted a date where our close family and friends could be free to come join in the celebrations without having a hard time to think which wedding or event was more important. The decision worked wonders later because out of the many that we asked, barely 1% said they couldn’t make it. Close friends and family members, with some all the way from Australia said ‘yes’. This made us extremely happy =)

With the date decided and confirmed, a venue was needed for the reception. Two things were important to us: The cost of the reception, and the quality of the place.

Knowing where we stand and how much we both earn, we were looking for a place we could both afford to hold our reception, which will not see us both asking for money from our parents. – I always believed that one should marry when one is not only emotionally ready, but also financially able too. I mean, you are starting a family, so you should be ready in all aspects, and asking from thy parents just shows otherwise. It is of course different, if the parents decide to chip in without you asking for it.

Anyway, after some brief scouting, and consideration of our possible guest list, it was decided that the reception must be held at a place which serves halal food.

To this, we finally decided on a restaurant, instead of going for hotels which offered us exorbitant prices we couldn’t afford.

There were plenty of possible restaurants in Kuching, but we decided to go for this one restaurant which is quite popular for halal food.

We then approached the restaurant, and were lucky enough to have it free during the date we have selected. I was surprised since I was already ready to hold the reception on a weekday due to the knowledge that we were quite ‘late’ in booking the restaurant.

Apparently, the restaurant was indeed fully booked for December, but the couple booking it on the 14th had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Talk about good luck!

With that, the venue was also confirmed, hence making it possible for us to plan for other things related to the wedding with ease.

I really don’t know how to end this post, so if you want to know what’s coming next in my update on the ‘Otters Big Day’, it’s about the bridal =)

Till then, thank you for reading!!

We decided that we only could afford to host 300 guest, so I would really like to apologize in advance if some of you were not invited to the wedding reception. To be perfectly honest, out of the 300 invited, only 100 seats were allocated for friends, and colleagues. If we had it our way, we would love to invite everyone we know.

Nonetheless, if you are interested to come for the matrimony services at the church, you are most welcomed. A non-halal lunch would be served after the service, and we would of course be very happy to have you. Shall you want to come for the Church wedding, do drop me an email or DM on Facebook/Twitter, and I’ll give you the exact date and time.

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