OttersBIGDay: I’m married!

It’s all over my Facebook and Twitter timeline because it is indeed BIG news for me. Big is actually an understatement. It’s MASSIVE news for myself!

After years being one of the ‘most eligible bachelor’ at work, I have finally tied the knot. Yep, it’s official that I am now married, and to an amazing girl too!

Prior to the whole event, everyone asked if I was nervous, but the truth is, if you are so sure about something, there’s little to be nervous about.

The day itself went by perfectly. The wedding ceremony and church reception in the village went by smoothly, with the good Lord blessing the day with the best weather possible.

As night came, the reception went on smoothly although we had to submit to the ‘Malaysian timing’ due to some unforeseen circumstance. I do apologize for the delay and I do admit there were some hick-up here and there, but that was due to the venue which was not at its best (Two of my biggest disappointments were the LCD screen at the back of the hall, and the follow light we were promised).

The crowd at the reception. Photo by Mark Nyambang.
The crowd at the reception. Photo by Mark Nyambang.

Despite that, the band known as ‘The Hybrids’ performed admirably, and my wife (wow, I am not saying that!), surprised me with her talents in playing the guitar.

For myself, it was great to see that friends and families came in full force to share the joy of my massive day, with some flying in just to attend, and leaving back to their respective stations early the next day.

To all friends and family members whom came, and also to those praying from afar whom couldn’t make it due to unforeseen circumstances, I wish you a huge big thank you!

From now on, I am simply the happiest person around.

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