OttersBigDay: The best Bridal in Kuching?

I’m sure some of you are already saying “Enough already with the wedding stuff! We know you are getting married!”

But hey, don’t like what I write, go-lah elsewhere til its all over. My blog bah. I should have a say, or rather all the say with what goes in it.

So here’s the story about the Bridal, as promised. Bet some of you stumbled here because of the key words ‘Best Bridal in Kuching’. SEO doing its magic right there! – But thank you for dropping by nonetheless, do read on =)

This was the deal when my ‘significant otter’ and I were doing the initial planning of our big day. We wanted to find a bridal, a photographer, a wedding card maker, a decoration expert and so many more.

We were already dreading the cost because all of those little little things combined would spell not less than RM7K. Don’t believe me? Do the math below:

  • Bridal (to rent the wedding gown and tux, and do make-up) = RM3,000
  • Photography (Pre-wedding and actual day with touch up of images) = RM3,000
  • Cards for 300 guest = RM350
  • Door gift for 300 guest = RM400
  • Decoration = RM1000

Well, we got all those above at a fraction of the assumed price, and it wasn’t even a promotional price.

But that was beside the point. The thing that made us go for this particular bridal I shall not name was because it was simply convenient because they did everything needed from A-Z.

This means, when we needed to address any of our concerns, we could just refer to a single point, without worrying much about coordination with the rest. It was just so easy, and less stressful if compared to us going to different wedding service providers.

The make-up set at the bridal
The make-up set at the bridal

To top it all, the owners were indeed super nice and always gracious during the whole fitting, make-up and photography sessions, and they were not pushy or pressing to get their most expensive sales off. Instead, I was somewhat amazed they were more concerned about how everything would go, including ensuring that we were happy with the choices made.  Sometimes, they would ask us to go for cheaper choices saying that some of those more expensive ones are ‘just not worth it’.  Cool eyh?

When it comes to timing, they were always punctual, with ample time given for any eventualities. For the wedding day itself, they were willing to come extra early (at no extra cost) as per requested by my ‘otter half’, despite them reassuring us that everything could be done in a more shorter time.

For the actual day, they also threw in some extra rentals no cost, which will be worn by the best man.

So yeah, am I satisfied with the bridal? Well, so far, they have been simply perfect. =)

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