Parenthood tales: Sleeping early


This happened on 9 February 2022 and it involves sleeping early. It’s one of the stories I’m sharing under the tag ‘Parenthood tales‘ which is about my daughter as I watch her grow up under.

The night was early and it was 9 PM.

My daughter perhaps picked up the habit of sleeping late, so she usually goes to bed at 10PM. At this time, she will usually go to me and ask me to come in at 10PM with her and her mom so that we can all sleep at the same time.

Sleeping early

Today however, she was extra tired and it showed and my wife is travelling.

Usually, during the nights, my daughter will be watching TV or playing her own smartphone with her mother, while I usually catch up on ‘non-day job related work’. When her mother is not around like today, I cut down on work and try to entertain my daughter as best I can.

However, this was one of the nights I had a lot to do and complete, so I was still in front of my PC at 9PM.

My daughter was extra tired as well that day I guess, so she came into my office and said “Daddy, I want to sleep 1st. You don’t have to come in and accompany me. I can sleep alone. Go and finish your work because its still early”.

Personally, I am impressed by how matured she is by understanding the whole situation.

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