Parenthood tales: Warm Water


This happened on 6 April 2022 and it is about warm water.

During dinner, I was coughing badly because the chilli I was eating hit that one spot in my throat that made it itch so bad.

The cough had me holding my chest, while at the same time coughing hard.

At that same time, my 7 year old daughter, Sasa, was in the kitchen.

She looked and me, and asked if I’m okay & I said yes.

I however continued coughing because it was ‘that kind of cough’ where you just need to complete to get the itch to go away before the cough can subside.

She asked me again, and I gave her a hand signal to say I’m OK as I coughed on.

Taking warm water

She took one of those Darlie glasses we had, and then made her way to the water dispenser behind me and started making warm water.

At this point I assumed it was for her because I constantly nag her to drink more plain water.

However, after she was done filling the cup, she placed down the glass she was filling on the table next to me and said “Daddy, Drink this warm water. It should make you feel better.” and she left d kitchen.

I don’t know if its a norm, but I personally never expected a 7 year old to be so thoughtful.

And that is my tale about ‘warm water’, which will kick off this parenthood tales sharings.

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