Photo-taking Ain’t Easy


Got a text message at exactly 6:58am last Monday which reads “Hi. Pls fill in d sit in form. 4 phototaking session“.  That message signaled that I was in-charged of the photo taking sessions for the school magazine this year, taking over from David, my dear friend which transferred last year.  I was kind of excited since I do love taking photos, but this opportunity took everything to a whole new level.

The sessions started at 7.30am, but it was drizzling, forcing the photo-taking sessions to be move somewhere indoors.  After I completed the Form 1 classes, the sun revealed himself, making an outdoor shoot to be a reality.

Anyway, the first day which featured the lower form students were a breeze, but those in the upper form provided some what a challenge with some taking their sweet time to come, including trying to sit where they want regardless of the instructions given by the students which have been asked to help for the photo-taking sessions.

The worst came on Wednesday with the photo-taking sessions for clubs and uniform bodies as it was difficult to gather the students.  Some came extremely late which made me decide to omit them entirely from the photos which have been taken.  I can’t wait for everyone, especially those whom feel that they are VIPs when they are not. Well, if you can’t be present on time, and when you are called upon to take your photo, then it’s really not my loss, but yours, right? Punctuality is something everyone should learn, especially when you are a student.

Well, the sun shined for the past 3 days, and it was indeed great for photo-taking.  The only problem  is, good sunlight means that I have to stand under the sun more often, hence making me a little darker now.

According to those whom are in-charge of the schedule for photo-taking, I have two more days to go…

One things for sure. I love the candid shots during the photo shoot.  The organized photos are great, but candid shots are a passion of mine. The students working with me somewhat also picked up my habit of taking candid shots of me at work.  Check out the second last photo in this post.  Well, two more day.. and something tells me, I’d prefer not to do this job again next year.  It’s very tiring…


  1. hivihazan:
    Teehee.. ask for the magazine comittee

    Well, I gain experience but no income.. hahah.. I did it because I was assigned to it.. Didn’t want to have extra trouble by printing the photos and selling it.

    Ah Mike:
    Agreed.. miss those old days..

  2. Thanks for understanding that photo taking is not easy. I just hate it when people think that my photo service is expensive. Hahahaha…the work done for good photos are not easy.

    I’m also frequently asked by the school to take photos. But you know lah..hahaha! I charge them kaw kaw tow tow pow pow wau wau! Because, again, it is tiring and taxing!

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