Pullman Offers New Year Treats


Chinese New Year is always a good excuse to eat more, and Pullman Hotels just gave me one reason to do so as they invited me over to taste their Chinese New Year Chinese Set Menu at Nu Er Hong Restaurant.

The menu of the day includes dishes featured in their Chinese Dinner Sets and Yee Sang such as the Prosperity Set, Longevity Set, the Golden Dragon Set, Prosperity Salmon “Yee Sang”, the NEH Golden Abalone Yee Sang, and the NEH Prosperous Fortune Yee Sang.

Well, without wasting time here’s the dishes I tried.

First of was the Prosperity salmon “Yee Sang” presentation.  Well,this Yee Sang was better than I expected, and the experience mixing the dish and doing a Yee Sang with friends and the ever friendly Pullman staff was indeed fantastic.  The dish itself was delicious, better than last year’s Yee Sang to be more accurate.

Next was the “Braised shark’s fin soup with treasures of the sea in superior stock”.  The key word, ‘shark fin’.  Expensive and thick, and this was one of my all time favorite kind of soups.  Pullman’s version was just right, and I was indeed loving it!  (Photo above is the duck)

The signature “Eight treasure duck with fresh mushroom” was next.  I love my duck meat roasted, and served plain (yes, without any sauce), so I felt this dish was a little too rich for me.  I bet some of you would love it as Lai Peng was really looking forward to this dish.  For the veggie lovers, you’d love this dish because there was a good amount of potatoes and other vegetables inside/stuffed in the duck.

This was followed by “Nu Er Hong Special ‘Gong Xi Fa Chai” two flavors prawn”. The highlights of the night, if you ask me. The prawns were fresh, juicy and felt so delicious upon entering my mouth. The only complain I had for this dish was that there wasn’t enough for myself. I’d love to have more! Indeed, this was really a special dish as I’ve never actually tasted anything similar in my life.

“Wok-toss mixed vegetables with fa cai, and house-made sea cucumber sea weed pumpkin ball”.  Not bad for a dish with pumpkin, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like pumpkin cooked in any dish!

The last dish for us was the “Spinach noodle cooked with shredded duck meat bean sprout yellow chive”. This greenish noodle doesn’t taste anyway like how it looks. I mean, green food normally reflects negatively on many, but this spinach noodles was different. It was tasty, and the shredded duck meat made it complete.

Well, if you are looking to celebrate this New Year in style, maybe you’d want to try out Pullman Hotel’s cuisine for the New Year. Call +6082222888 or email H6332@accor.com for more information, and booking.

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