Reasons to dye my hair


Two drafts, and still both failed to get released despite the fact I’ve drafted quite long articles in my blog post draft. I think I will not be releasing the post anytime soon because it is getting pretty difficult to please myself when I write an article nowadays that I tend to type something up, but end up deciding not to publish it because it bores myself.

Here are a few quick updates on my life.

I’m going to be a father (read it here), and I dyed my hair (again).

Seriously, both are not ‘ground breaking news’ anymore, but let me tell you a bit about why I dyed my hair.

A very long time ago, when I was just about 18, or so… or rather when ‘dyeing the hair’ was an in-thing, I wanted to do the same. Young bah, trends are important to us.

Well, dad was not so keen on people dyeing their hair, and always called them ‘sesat’ or ‘lost’ because they look like an Ang Moh, but are not Ang Mohs, or Caucasians.

With dad being very strict, I kept my hair black until I decided to dye it slightly dark brown when I was 22.

Of course the dye couldn’t be seen. I was just 22 and still living off my parents!

Fast forward to a year or so ago… and I dyed my hair slightly more light brown, but dad didn’t notice until well, my sisters pointed it out to him.

At my age, the only thing dad could do was grumble, while my mum said “you should have dyed it earlier rather than do it at the very end of your holidays because you are starting work soon.”

Wahh… approval from mom! And so i kept this secret plan that I should dye my hair again when I tied the knot, which I did (the shades of the dye can be seen in the photo above). =)

This year came, and I decided to dye my hair yet again with lighter colours and I’m not sure how people around me would react, but hey, I like the colour and I think it looks good. My wife said I looked too young hahahah….

Hair, dye
New colour for the coming trip.

However, when I was in the midst of dyeing my hair, it just struck me that I will be bald soon, and this dyeing sessions will have to stop sooner or later so… sue me for dyeing my hair.

But the truth is, I don’t dye my hair for trends nowadays. I do it to see how I look in different hair colour, and hence the satisfaction of being able to look slightly different than I am usually.

I just hope I don’t look like Adam Levine and his new blonde hair because man does he look so gay with that hair colour.

Adam Levine. Photo by the Gloss
Adam Levine. Photo by the Gloss

Hey, I’m just saying. Don’t say I’m racist.


  1. This hair dye thing for Asian men, it is hardly debated unlike us asian girls with blonde hair and bright highlights. It is brave for you to experiment colours with ur hair, and u can actually pull this off because u hv fair skin and mata besar (not racist!)

    Good for u cyrl. Ehe.

    • Hehehe.. perhaps im lucky im fair, but i;d actually really love to try being blonde =) Unfortunately, such colour will not go well with traditionalist and my work which is very conventional.

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