Sports Day Specials


This will be my very first photo based post.  Not that I am turning this blog into a photo-blog, but simply don’t have time to write, so let the photo’s do the talking. Like they say, “A picture paints a thousand words”.

We had sports day today… and I always liked sports day. I was given the task as the school photographer. Exciting right? So many things to capture, and so much special moments to snap.

The march pass wasn’t the best, but I loved the one done by Orange House (Helang)… Yeah, I’m biased because that’s my sports house.

Police cadets joined in the march looking fantastic in their formal attire. They are the ‘in-thing’ nowadays.  Scouts are practically dead in my school

As the sun showed it’s might (mind you its was 10am!!), student’s started finding shed in any possible way the could while listening to the YB’s speech.

While I was busy shooting images of the contingents, I noticed this middle aged man, walking towards one of the students with his DSLR and started humming beside the student as she smiled. My best bet was that the man was her dad, assigned to be on duty.  They noticed I was pointing my digicam towards them, and they gave a pose.  In my heart, I was saying “This is how every parent should be“….

Well, then came the ‘pom-pom girls’ performances. Not bad 🙂  They were dancing to the song ‘Nobody’ by the Wonder Girls. I love the song, and the Wonder Girls are really something 😛

The great thing is, our sports day today was only the official opening with some fringe events.  The full sports day will be held tomorrow at the State Stadium.  My work was done at 12pm. Headed home to finish other outstanding work.

Like always, all shots are without editing, using my trustworthy Canon Ixy 25 IS Digital Camera.  I can say, I’m pretty satisfied with the results 🙂

p/s: More photos during the sports day taken by me here.


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