Spreading love and joy with eheart charms

Reddish yet lovely "Fiery Heart bracelet charm"

So it’s Malaysia Day. How has it been for you so far?

I guess I’m doing great myself since a public holiday is always something I’m looking forward too.

Anyway, a few months ago, my ‘otter-half’ decided that we should try to create something to get some extra income. We were not talking about making millions or thousands, but just a few extra ringgit would be simply amazing, especially with the rising cost of living.

While I ventured into t-shirt making, my ‘otter-half’ decided to make charms, as in bracelets, necklaces and anklets.

To be honest, I never understood the appeal of such things, but girls it seem go ga-ga over them. I guess its how girls also feel for us men who just love changing gadgets, or watch 22 grown men run back and forth to chase a ball on the field.

One of the cheaper charms available - "Believe"
One of the cheaper charms available – “Believe”

But anyway, after weeks of learning, and close to thousands spent on purchasing the materials used to make charms, numerous products were made to our satisfaction.

The business is very competitive, but it has been going quite well, although I must admit our so called business is far from breaking even.

Fiery Blue Stars bracelet charm
Fiery Blue Stars bracelet charm

Nonetheless, the charms made by my ‘otter-half’ are quite a piece, as she makes every piece with a lot of care and excitement, showing off her beaming eyes when she completes one piece.

I bet that if her charms were paired with some amazing dress which can be found by doing  online shopping at Zalora, you’d look simply dazzling and stunning for a night out.

So if you are really into charms, do visit out ‘little’ collection of charms at www.eheartcharms.com, and if you like one, purchasing one would be as easy as ABC.

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