Teacher’s Day: It’s been 9 years, and mom’s retiring


Nine years. That’s how long it has been, and that doesn’t include the years of training, and my temporary teaching post in SMK Sg Tapang.

If the schedule is right, I still have 21 more years to go. Looks like it’s still a long way for me, but if the nine years felt like a breeze, what’s another two more decades,right?

Never thought I’d end up in this line because Mom and Dad used to say “Don’t grow up being teachers“. Funny how that worked out with two of us in the family getting the job.

When I was 13, dad was the disciplinary teacher of my school. Students, most my friends, called him names. As far as I know, the names they gave weren’t nasty but I somewhat got used to seeing my dad’s name on the toilet walls as he exerts fear where ever he walks. Surprisingly though, dad was loved by the students he taught with Mom telling me that there was this one time, his class caught everyone by surprise as they came up to the stage during assembly to put a tie around his neck as a gesture of thanks. I wasn’t around to see that occasion (since I’ve moved to another school), but knowing the dedication and passion my dad had for his job, I wasn’t surprised.

Mom on the other hand was more low-keyed at work. She was diplomatic with students and did her job accordingly, without complaining. Mom didn’t teach me as a student, but when I was 13, I joined her Maths Club only to be elected as President. Mom, being Mom, requested the students to reconsider their vote as she didn’t want me to be elected just because I was her son. However, the crowd stood their ground, so I was president for the club for that very year. As far as I remember, that was the only time I was formally under the guidance of my mom in school.

I’m not very sure if I created any problems for my parents when I was sharing the same school with them, but at Form Three, the motivation was to study hard and get away from the school, and that’s how I ended up going to a boarding school in Kuching for the next two years. – Uh, I did get my hair cut by another disciplinary teacher in Form Two because it was long, and I did have my Dash Yongkuro car being confiscated when I was in Form 3, but I guess those were minor stuff really. I pretty much stayed out of trouble until I finished school.

Mom and Dad both transferred out of that school some ten years ago, and I am now doing the job they asked me not to do when I was younger.

Being in their shoes, I have come to realize why they didn’t want us to become teachers. Nonetheless, with 21 years to go for me, I will shoulder on as I have did for the past nine years although sometimes, the thought of doing something else does come knocking.

On the other side of town, Mom’s all happy about today being her last day celebrating Teacher’s Day. She had her early retirement application approved, and will retire very soon. She told me she was tired, and wanted to rest.

Her future plans revolve around gardening, hopping back to her kampung every now and then, and visiting her grandchildren.

Sounds like a great plan really, and I’m happy for her.

Dad’s future plans remain unknown to me and all of us siblings. He however has been spending quite a significant amount of time during the weekends at his small piece of land in Serian. I guess, that’s his plan when he does retire in a couple of years.

If you have missed the point of this post, don’t worry because I also do not know why I am writing this here. Probably it’s due to the fact Mom would soon be retiring. Probably it’s due to the fact I miss those good old days when I wasn’t working. Probably, this is me, trying to give you some idea of how I lived my life as ‘anak cikgu’ back then. It may be me trying to remind myself about how my parents became such memorable teachers back then.

Anyway, everything aside, Happy teacher’s day all educators. I know first hand that the job is not easy, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me.

Especially to Mom, who is most probably not reading this, Happy Last Teacher’s day!


  1. Selamat Hari Guru Cyril! 9 years and counting. lamak dah ya. hehe. thank you for your effort to teach all the kids. Its not an easy job. I know cause i was force into it before and i can’t hence I landed in my field now. Always have respect for the teachers ~!

  2. So envious of her, I wanna retire early too :-(. While her journey is concluding, yours is not even halfway. Soldier on dearest. 🙂
    Anyway, Happy Teacher’s Day sayang!


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