The Bali Honeymoon: A review of Ubud, Bali


It’s been two years plus since I got married, and things have been going so fast that I ‘sort of’ forgot I had this post about my honeymoon in the draft.  Well, I’m clearing my draft section, so here’s a very very extremely late post about my honeymoon in Bali in 2013.


So, immediately after the wedding back in 2013, my wife and I decided we should go on our honeymoon.

Bali was our top choice because Malaysia Airlines (MAS) was offering amazing deals (Try RM600/person for a flight from Kuching to Bali, and back! – Price has doubled since), and Bali was just an amazing place to relax and unwind.  The fact Malaysian Ringgit was so much stronger against the Rupiah made it even more attractive.

Arrival at Ngurah Rai International, Bali!

We decided to stay in Ubud for the first few nights, before ending the honeymoon at Legian, which would see us enjoy not only the nightlife, but the amazing beach.

We stayed at Beji Ubud Resort, Ubud which was a really lovely resort a few kilometers from Ubud town. The resort I must admit was beyond my expectations. While the room not bad, the service rendered by the staff, including the free body massage provided was simply unmatched. In fact, until this day, my wife and I, both agree that it was the best massage we’ve had, ever.

The hotel was simply amazing, I swear I miss this place every time I look at pictures
The hotel was simply amazing, I swear I miss this place every time I look at pictures
Simple local food

Food in the resort wasn’t that grand, as it catered for not many guest, but it did have a lot of pools, which we tried every single day. I think we spent more hours in the pool than anywhere else during our stay. Wifi was bad however.

Aside from enjoying the pool, we also took time to check out Ubud town itself, which was a 5-10 minute car ride.

Ubud at that time reminded me of my home town Bau, with just a little more to offer.  You don’t see that many tourist around, but it has this calmness of the place that I enjoy.


Ubud was also surprisingly clean. Streets were well marked, and neat looking signboards were practically everywhere. Walking around was a joy as there’s so much to see, and snap. Apart from the photos here, there’s so many more I have in my keeping really.

Likely our impressions said it all when it came to Ibu Oka’s Babi Guling

Food is relatively easy to find as well, and dining at Ibu Oka’s Babi Guling is a must for any tourist. – Unfortunately, Ibu Oka is a lil’ over-rated, and I believed I had had better Babi Guling elsewhere.

At night, there’s nothing much to do if you are not into the cultural thing like the ‘Kechak Dance’. That said, we spent most of our nights eating at new places which were unique in their own way.

There’s so many outdoor dining places like this in Ubud

If you are closer to Ubud town, ‘lepakking’ at their unique looking Starbucks Coffee outlet could be an option.


Well, since it was a short four day trip, and the trip was largely to unwind, there’s little for me to elaborate more on.

Nonetheless, if you find yourself wanting to go to Bali to relax, try Ubud and do go here to check out the best room rates in Bali.

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