Watching A Movie in 3D – a review


Since Kuching is the very first city in Borneo to have a 3D Movie Hall, I took the opportunity to catch G-Force in 3D at MBO tHe Spring.

Anyway, the first shock I got regarding the 3D movie was the ticket price.  It cost me a hefty RM38 for two seats, with the movie itself costing RM11 each, and another RM8 for the rental of the 3D shades.  Slowly, I was regretting watching the movie in 3D.

Owh well, while waiting, we camwhored, and as usual, my model did her ‘naughty’ pose.

At 6:15pm, we were called into the hall.  We were given the 3D glasses, and proceeded to our seats.  There wasn’t anything much to shout about this hall as it didn’t differ much from the previous MBO hall I’ve sat it.

When the movie started, I put on the 3D glasses, and noticed its direct effects immediately.  The hamsters were practically running just in front of me, and bubbles and debris seem to fall so close, it seemed I could pick them up.  I took off the 3D shades, and there was a definite difference with everything looking distant and flat.

Well, to be honest, the RM38 I’ve spent on this particular movie for two wasn’t a total waste after all.  The 3D movie screen was indeed an experience everyone should have.  My biggest mistake wasn’t spending a hefty sum for the 3D movie, but rather in my poor selection of movie to watch in 3D.  I mean, what fun is it to see hamsters running close?  I should have watched Final Destination 4 in 3D.  I’m sure that would surely be a huge blast, and would change my ‘ordinary’ rating of (FD4) to a huge “AWESOME!”.  Apart from that, I wasn’t really comfortable with the glasses because it always slid down my nose at some point.  Probably MBO Cinema bought the ‘Ang Moh‘ size 3D glasses.  They should have got the Malaysian size glasses instead.

But yah… 3D is something different, and it is worth to give a try.  I wouldn’t say it is necessary, but it is a good option.  Too bad for the price tough, but either way… 3D movies/cinemas aren’t as grand as one should claim.

and since its the eve of Raya…


to all my Muslim readers and friends…


  1. Commenting usually is not my thing, but i have spent almost an hour on the site, so thanks for the info!

    Greetings from Tim. 🙂

    You’re very most welcomed Tim.

  2. Wonder whether we could watch 3D movies here in KK.. gosh I haven’t been to the movies in a long time! Eeek!

    I’m not sure about KK. I only know that Kuching is the first in Borneo to have a 3D screen. I think, at KK’s development rate, you guys will have a 3D screen anytime.

  3. RM19 per pax? *cries* I am bringing in (belanjaring) 8 of my cousins for the movie for the3D movie! Can I choose not to use the specs?

    I think, if you dont have the glasses, it won’t be much of a 3D movie la.. Your best bet is to take the 2D movie instead. Cheaper ;D

  4. Hahaha… My sis asked about the price the day at MBO before the 3D movie launched and was told it’s RM20, oh well… RM19 isn’t far from 20. Very expensive. Don’t plan to watch the 3D movie for now, no money hahaha… By the way, is it a must to rent the 3D glasses(I mean, if you don’t have sure have to rent, else how to watch?) ;p I used to have a lot of 3D glasses but threw them away already. Not sure it will work on the movie or not hehehe…

    I don’t know also Irene. I thought the glasses would be this simple paper glasses, but it was something more like proper glasses.

  5. Hahahaha we should watch FD4 in 3D, but malang nya, the projector not yet sampai that time…

    Nevermind la, next time perhaps, for other actions packed movies… 😛

    Selamat Hari Raya!!!! 🙂

    That will be a long ‘maybe’.. tickets are too pricey la..

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