The BCCK Ramadan Buffet Is The Best, and Most Value For Money In Kuching


Again, TASTE is SUBJECTIVE. My OPINION is MINE, and based on MY EXPERIENCE. You may not agree, but that’s your opinion, and I respect that.

Ramadan is a time I get invites to taste buffets, and this is the first time BCCK invited me to try out their Ramadan buffet. Prior to this, I’ve heard a lot of the BCCK Buffet. Many say it’s worth it, some say it’s amazing, and some say it’s a must try. However, their claims are unjustified for me because I have yet to taste the buffet. Not until today that is.

Short story: Try it and be amazed!

Long story: Arrived a little over 6PM. Captured this shot of BCCK:

BCCK when I arrived at 6PM

Parked my car under BCCK. What do you know? Free parking. Cool huh?
Went up to meet the BCCK representatives. Was told that we can’t go in first to take photos (So, don’t blame me if the photos aren’t good here).

Was finally allowed to enter BCCK Grand Hall where the buffet was held. 1st impression won my heart. I felt like a king! Decoration was awesome and lovely. In a way, I felt like I was heading into a wedding reception.  Everything was just so nice! The staff smiled and greeted us along the way. Lighting of the place was simply gorgeous, as I was showed to my table.

At this point, I started heading to the dishes to get some decent photos. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get much as the crowd was already in a line to get food. Captured what I had, before bumping into Mike. Told him not to expect many photos on my blog because it was difficult to capture nice ones. On top of that I preferred to taste the food rather than post some delicious photos but end up not liking the food. He agreed, and recommended me some of the signature dishes, or the dishes which people have said to be ‘wow’.

I put my camera away, and started picking my food. First impression on the variety. Damn there’s many: Ambal, sambal, buttered prawns, baby kailan, mashed potatoes, beef, lasagna and also asam fruit! Looks like a good mix, and the smell was definitely making me hungry. My dishes ended up looking like this:

Also took sambal belacan and asam fruit.

I then headed to the drinks section. Amazed! They have fresh coconut, cincau, bandung and a few others. I was spoilt of choices and ended up skipping my usual ‘air bandung’, but getting the coconut juice and cincau. Eve said I shouldn’t take too much drinks when out on food tasting but I said “I can’t choose which one I want!, so it was both” LOL…

Started digging into my buffet. Mike spotted me smiling. Oh, the food was just fantastic. Nope, not paid to say that, but it’s the truth! The baby kailan was superbly done, the mash potatoes has a very distinctive lovely taste (as if there’s cheese in it, and despite me not liking cheese as much, this was superbly blended), the bringle-potato mix was delicious, the pari asam pedas was “Uuummpphh“, and the ambal was just rightly cooked!

And that’s not the last of it. I went on to taste the signature whole roast lamb. Thought it was like every other ‘signature roast lamb’, but i stand corrected. THIS ONE WAS JUST OUT OF THIS WORLD! Soft, tender and juicy inside. It was so delicious, I regretted that I had to control my red meat intake due to worries of high cholesterol, but I assure you, the next time I come by BCCK, this would be the first dish entering my plate!

Anyway, when I finished the lamb, I figured it was time for deserts and headed to try the cendol. Spoke to the server, and then realized that cendol and ABC ain’t the same! I wanted the colourful one, but she handed me the green and santan oriented one. She later explained that cendol is the cendol+santan, while ABC is a mix of many colourful things+ice. I finally decided to get both. My point is, they have so many varieties here, in comparison to some others which only serve one at one name, cendol =P

Now, I know there’s many words here, but like I said, this is the long story. However, I’d like to stress that BCCK does offer value for money. At RM65 NETT, you get everything from a wonderful stomach filling, mouth watering buffet, a fantastic 5 star hotel like wedding ambiance and the joy of paying just RM65 for everything. One thing you don’t get is the lovely outdoor setting which some other places do offer. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the comfort of having aircond while dining, so that’s a huge plus.

Those interested, please contact +6082392889 from 9AM-6PM daily for bookings. I’d advice you to pre-book your spot because BCCK said they have an average of over 450 people per buffet, and you won’t want to be left standing outside due to a full house.

Lastly, I left BCCK with this photo in my camera:

BCCK just got all my thumbs up for a buffet dinner!  Try it, and you won’t want to go elsewhere this Ramadan!

NOTE: Photos from this post have been deleted due to technical issues after a server migration.


  1. Went there last night. The ambiance and service are top-notch. The variety of foods offered was impressive. But there were some hits and some misses in terms of food quality.

    The cucur udang was probably the best thing there. The lamb also not bad – especially with the mint sauce. Just gotta get there early to get the meatiest parts. The curry puffs: excellent. I also loved the pineapple salad, smoked salmon and tenggiri at the salad bar.

    The food in the steam trays was…ehhh…not too exciting. The shawerma sandwich was tasteless. The desserts were sub-par (about what you’d expect for mass produced desserts). They only had tilapia at the ikan bakar station, and it wasn’t seasoned well.

    I did not have the ABC – too stuffed.

    For the money, it’s a good deal. You just gotta know what dishes to go for and avoid the ones that aren’t good.

    • I went there again the second week, and it had a different menu. Wasn’t that good if compared to my first time. Made some complaints. Hope they would improve next year coz I heard they are planning to increase the price =(

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