The Best Christmas Gift


Christmas was like 5 days ago, but I just have to brag about the best Christmas gifts I had this year.

Before I proceed, I must admit, this was among the worst ever built up pre-Christmas. I fell ill a couple of days before Christmas, I somehow managed to tear my new NIC jeans at the butt resulting me being ‘jean-less’ through my cousins wedding, and Christmas as I only brought one pair of jeans for the holidays, and I lost my voice 5 days before Christmas. And don’t get me started on my cough 🙁

Thankfully, not all is bad.

For starters, I was awarded a new phone on Christmas eve courtesy of Maxis. Yes, it’s the HTC HD7 phone I’ve been reviewing, and since I love gadgets, the present is most welcomed.

The message from Maxis – HTC HD7

I also finally managed to capture a photo of my grandparents in Bau. As they are camera shy, it was never easy to capture them both in a photo, but I got it!! I’ll develop the photo and frame it! Just so you know, I look up on both my grandparents in Bau, particularly my grandpa who has been through hardship during his younger days, and now lives a life where money is not an issue. Not that he is rich, but he does have money to spend without depending on his children (my aunts and uncles).

Amazingly, despite his age within his 70’s or maybe 80’s, he still goes to the farm and do chores etc as he says he can’t stand staying at home doing nothing. On top of that, he will be a very busy bee looking for fruits (like durian, rambutan, langsat etc) when he knows his grandchildren would be coming home. When he was healthier 5 years ago, he even went out in the middle of the night in search for durians so that when we (his grandchildren) woke up, we’d find tonnes of durian fruits ready to be eaten. Yes, it was still going on despite us all being all grown up, and grandpa never complaints. Grandma is another story. She ‘membebel‘ alot… hahahhah… but yeah, we know she loves us a lot. Here’s a photo of some family =)

My small cousins

Well, that does sum up a fantastic Christmas gift for me, and 2010 has been a great year for myself particularly the last few months.

To everyone, Happy New Year!


  1. Aiseyman… another freebies. U lucky lucky man. What a way to start a New Year!!

    Eh, why dont u do a review on houses ka apartment ka condo ka… who knows they might be generous and give you one for CNY!! that will definitely make 2011 the best ever huh.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR CYRIL!! I gotta say, ur blog is getting more and more well known. Congratulations! Not bad huh.

    • LOL… I would if I had the opportunity.. but its unlikely people will want to give me one..hahaha, but if it did happen, yeah, that definately beats the new phone as a Christmas gift.

      Errr.. my blog getting well know? Naaahhh… not many people know lah…

      and Happy New year!!

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